Two Months ago, I got a Prospective Client by Cold Pitching. Negotiating started, I was asked for the details, and finally, I went through a Trial Article.

I crafted an Article idea, wrote the Trial Blog Post, and land the client for a long-term partnership.

Today, I am going to describe the Exact Blueprint of generating article ideas to land a Writing Gig. It matters, and you can take the lead by coming up with undeniable Article ideas.

Focus on the roadmap, actionable steps, and join the discussion if you need any kind of help. If you take my word serious, you can get the results like I get the proven results.

Learn to Generate Amazing Article Ideas for the Prospective Clients

1. Analyze the Prospective Client Business and Online Presence

The first point is finding out the main Keyword of the Prospective Client. By searching the target website on Google, you can see the Keyword in the Title of the site.

Proceed and find the Niche of the Prospective client. You can do so by looking at your client’s website, products, and About page.

On Google, once you search the client website, you can read the Description of the Home Page of the site. The Google Description shows valued information about the Home page of a business.

To stay focused and concise, you can directly ask details from the client. Go through the required facts and ask the client about the details, facts, and case studies if needed.

In the same manner, you can see the Blog on the Official Website of the target Business. These facts collectively help you analyze the business structure of the Prospective client.

2. Craft Great Article Headlines

There are lots of ways to create Amazing Headlines that create curiosity in the Reader’s mind. Once done, you can increase the clicks on your Article ideas for the clients.

To get started, Google is your best friend. Take the main Keyword of the target business and search on Google. The top 10 articles on Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs) show the headlines for the popular articles.

To stay more productive, Google News helps you find trendy Article ideas with attractive Headlines. Head to Google News and search for the main Keyword. You can see and look for the trendy Headlines under various niches on the Google News.

You can also use specific tools such as Buzz Sumo and Google Trends that help you see trending articles. Buzz Sumo shows all-time most shared articles for a specific Keyword, while “Google Trends” helps you see trending pieces for a specific time span.

There are also the Headline Generators online. By using tools that generate new Headline ideas by taking the main Keyword as input, you can come up with fantastic Article ideas for your Prospective Clients.

3. Compile a List of Undeniable Headlines that increase Curiosity in the Reader’s Mind

Compile a list of more than 10 Headlines. Clients love the unexpected positive performance of the worker during Negotiating Process.

To expand your Headline List, you can create subparts of the main Keyword, and proceed to create Headlines for each of them. Not only you can increase the Headlines this way, but also you can cover more aspects of the main Keyword.

You can also use the Featured List of the top sites in your Niche. In this regard, type in the main Keyword in the Google, and visit the Top 10 site’s Featured Sections. Analyze the Headlines in the Featured sections of the Top Platforms, collect some of them, and update your Headline List.

On the other hand, you can ask the Prospective Client as well. For example, you can ask the clients about their favorite sites under their main Niche. Once they mention, you can visit and analyze the Headline format of the mentioned sites.

Take Headline ideas from the Trendy Platforms on the Internet, such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium. You can use this method to create and expand your Headline List smartly and quickly.

4. Write a Customized Winning Proposal

Writing Winning Proposals is an Art. You can learn writing great Emails to attract clients and close Writing Deals fast. To have more clients, you can master writing great proposals, and repeat this process for every client to secure more Writing Jobs.

In Customized Emails and Proposals, you need to think about Client Psychology. When writing such emails, make sure you focus on and address the client’s expectations.

In the same manner, provide easy-to-understand solutions for the client’s problems. Carefully assess the client needs, provide a strategy to achieve things on a timely basis, and deliver high value on time.

Use a Proven Template for sending out Proposal Emails. Download my crafted personal email that gets results for me. You can edit the fields as you like, and embed your personality in the Proposal Email.

Make sure you proofread your proposal before hitting the Send button at the end. Pay special attention to the Format and Grammar of the text, and the concept flow of the email. Also, don’t use the Technical Terms in Proposals, as it may sound difficult for clients to understand the concept in the email.

5. Close the Monthly Deal and Repeat the Process for Every Prospective Client

You have a strategy in hand, the strategy that works. Offer a discounted rate to attract the clients. You have to deliver the value regardless of raising your rates on a Monthly Basis.

Focus on improving your services with the passage of time. You can provide more value, offer additional contributions, and provide suggestions to grow your client’s business.

In addition to offering additional services, you can willingly discuss the client’s business and future plans. When clients see workers taking extra interest in their business, they proceed and build a long-term partnership with the profitable Freelancer.

Similarly, provide timely suggestions. Send out Monthly reports, suggestions, and results at the end of a Week or Month. Make sure you address the facts you carry out for the client. It will help you put your value on the table and build long-lasting relationships with the client.

You can also involve the clients in different role-based activities such as directing the clients to read an article about improving their business regarding your central role. It creates the client’s psychology about the importance of things and helps worker keep clients satisfied.


Take the steps defined in this write-up and change your Writing Life. I come up with the results by following the said strategy; you can do the same for yourself.

You can follow the strategy for High Paying Clients. By creating strong and attractive Headlines, you can secure the Long-Term Relationships with the clients.

Analyze the Top Platforms and Headlines, and provide more Headline examples on the first try. It shows your professional attitude at the start of negotiating for a mutual partnership.

Pay special attention to writing Winning Proposals. Great Proposals help you win clients fast. By using your Pitching Expertise and a Template, you can close High Paying Clients quickly.

To close a Monthly deal, make sure you deliver the great value. Provide more value on time, give suggestions, and deliver result-driven facts to secure the Prospective Clients on a long-term basis.

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