Recently, I closed a deal of $200 for a single Guest Post. I learned the way to close deals by getting published on Top Platforms.

The Prospective Clients reside on Top Platforms such as Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. When you write Guest Posts on popular platforms, the Business Owners offer writing for them on relevant Top sites.

In addition to it, before you start accepting Guest Post Opportunities, you need to Get your Articles Published on trendy Platforms first.

Today, I will describe my Proven Method to get published on Top Platforms, and offer the same Guest Post services to Prospective Clients. The more you can write on Top Platforms, the more you can Command High Rates.

To get started, you need to get published on top platforms first, and then offer the Guest Post services to Prospective Clients.

Get Published on Top Platforms

1. Find the Top Publications

To get published, you need to find the Top and Trendy Platforms first. Start by using the Google, type in your Writing Niche Keyword, along with Contributor Guidelines.

In this way, you can collect Top sites that accept Guest Posts. Once you find the sites, you can use the Google Related Operator to find the similar sites and expand your list.

On the other hand, you can also search for sites on the Google. Google shows you list of Sites that Accept Guest Posts. You can also find sites that talk about Guest Posts, or Paid collection of Sites that Accept Guest Post.

2. Find Contributor Guidelines and Read Carefully

In Contributor Guidelines, the Platforms talk about their Guest Post criteria. By reading Contributor Guidelines, you can find information about Topic Niches, Contact Medium, and Word Count of proposed article ideas.

To find the Contributor Guidelines page on a Website, you can use the Google Site Operator. Use the format to find the page holding instructions for Contributors.

Read the instructions before you proceed, note down relevant facts, take the contact information, and other materials such as Word Count, following specific rules, or accepting contributions on specific days.

3. Find the Contact Information of the Target Platforms

You may experience finding the contact information on the Contributor Guidelines page, but sometimes, you can pitch the platforms that don’t officially announce accepting the Guest Posts.

In this case, you will need to find the contact information of the person in charge of Content at the platforms. You can start by using the Google, and type in content manager at

You can also find the contact and employers information on Startup Databases such as Tech Crunch and Beta List. Once you get the Full Name of the concerned person, you can use an Email Prospecting Service such as Voila Norbert to find the Contact Email Address.

4. Craft an Article idea for the Guest Post

As discussed before, read the Contributor Guidelines carefully. Note down instructions and proceed to research and craft an Article idea for the Guest Post.

My favorite routine is looking fresh and trendy ideas on Google News. I type in my Niche Keyword or Related Phrase in Google News and look at the articles on the search page. Similarly, I love using Google for coming up with Article ideas. I search for the main keyword of the article and come up with the best article ideas for my Guest Post Pitches.

In the same manner, you can use the specialized tools such as Buzz Sumo. It helps you find Niche Related Trendy Articles on the Internet. You can also use the Google Trends for the said purpose.

5. Get your Article idea Approved by using a Guest Post Template

You need to contact the target Platforms and get your Article ideas approved by concerned people. You can send an Introduction Email for the purpose, the email that contains your introduction and the article idea.

On the other hand, to look more professional and land the Guest Post Opportunity, you should think about writing a customized Guest Post Template.

You can download my favorite Guest Post Template. A Guest Post template contains essential sections of information for smartly securing the Guest Post opportunity.

6. Write the Guest Post and Get Published

Once you get your article idea approved by Editors at the target publications, it’s time to Write your Guest Post.

Make sure you deliver your best work. My favorite method is to offer Editing and Posting to CMS services to Editors. In addition to it, your piece should possess characteristics of a Perfect Blog Post. Also, analyze the format and structure of the articles at the target publication.

Along with checking Grammatical Errors and Editing at the end, pay special attention to Facts, Concept, and Value in the article. Not only mentioned facts improve the quality of your Guest Posts, but also help you land the Guest Post Opportunity fast.

Offer High Paying Guest Post Services

Once you get published on Top Platforms, you can Command High Rates by offering Guest Post Services on published Platforms. In this case, you can offer services in normal Cold Pitches.

Mostly, you can write Guest Posts for clients as a Ghostwriter. In this case, you write the Guest Post and publish it with the client name on the target platforms.

1. Find the Prospective Clients for the Guest Post Services

You can find the clients for the Guest Post Opportunities by using the Google. Type in your Niche Keyword, and collect sites from the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs).

Once you collect your target sites, you can pitch your Guest Post Services, and mention top platforms in the Pitch Email. The more a target site has a high Domain Authority, the more you can command High Rates.

2. Pitch your Guest Post Services

You need a specific Guest Post Pitching Template for the purpose. A Guest Post Template consists of your introduction, expertise about Writing Guest Posts, Top platforms you have published on, and the strategy you will follow to get the clients business published on the mentioned platforms.

To increase your chances of closing a Guest Post Deal, make sure you mention several platforms, along with the proof of your published articles.

3. Close the Deal for several Guest Posts

As we discussed earlier, you can mention and offer Writing Guest Posts on several top platforms. In this case, once you mention the top platforms, you can decide on and command High Rates on the basis of the Domain Authority of the target websites.

The point of impact is getting published on top platforms first and offer those sites in the Guest Post Services to clients. You can command High Rates, or decrease the rates a bit to secure more Guest Post Opportunities.

4. Repeat the Process and Secure more Clients

You have a strategy to get the Guest Post clients. Get published on top platforms first, and offer the same services to Prospective Clients.

You can work on and offer the Guest Post Services only. Make sure you get your articles published on many top platforms. It will help you taste the target Editors, helping you get approved for the clients fast.


Get Published on Top Platforms and offer the Guest Post services to clients. You can secure clients that pay well because Big companies like to get published on top publications.

Find the Software Product-Based companies on Google. Search your target Niche or Software companies, analyze websites and see their published sections. Once completed, you can offer the Guest Post services, and mention the platforms they are missing in their published sections.

You can repeat the same process and secure more clients. Make sure you get your articles published on lots of sites. Not only it helps you taste the target Editors, but also helps to offer the sites in your Guest Post Services to clients.

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