Back in May 2017, I started my career as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. I have been writing for companies in niches such as Technology, Information Security, and Web Tools.

To date, I have cashed lots of payments writing as a Living Freelance Writer. My journey as a Writer has taught me rules sufficient for a Beginner to success.

In this write-up, I am going to describe my strategy of How I Closed a deal of $800 at the Start of my Freelance Writing Career.

Pay particular attention to stepwise procedure, actionable facts, and suggestions. I have defined the exact blueprint in easy-to-follow steps.

Close High Paying Deals at the Start of your Freelance Writing Career

1. Work on your Foundation and Credibility FIRST

There are TWO requirements before you start your career as a Freelance Writer, Foundation and Credibility.

Foundation means Online Assets that show your professional career such as Portfolio Website, Professional Email Address, and Social Profiles. While Credibility demonstrates your skills as a Writer, such as Getting Published on Third Party Top Platforms such as Thrive Global, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.

To get started, start by buying a Hosting and Domain Name to build your Foundation. After you buy Hosting and Domain Name, you can create your portfolio website as a Writer.

Also, make sure you create a Professional Email Address by logging into cPanel of your Hosting Account. A professional Email ID is referred to as one under your newly created Domain Name, and helps you look professional as a Freelance Writer.

In the same manner, the importance of Credibility cannot be overlooked. Fire up Google, search for your Niche Keyword along with Contributor Guidelines. You can come up with sites that accept Guest Posts. Pick 3-5 sites and Get Published by following Contributor Guidelines properly.

2. Compile a Prospective List on the basis of your Niche or Past Clients

Compiling a list of Prospective Clients that contains my Niche specific sites, or similar sites like my Past clients, helped me close a deal of $800 at the start of my Career.

Searching and compiling a list of the Niche specific sites or sites similar to Past clients help complete the next steps properly, the step of Writing a Killer Cold Pitching email.

To find Niche related sites, you can use the Google. On Google, you can search for your Niche Keyword and compile a list of Niche sites. To make more significance, you can find more sites by using the Google Related Operator, by typing

In the same manner, to find sites similar to Past clients, use the previously mentioned Google Related Operator. Pick a past client’s site address, put in the Related command and collect sites from the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs).

Make sure you complete the step correctly, as Niche sites or sites related to Past clients help you write winning proposals that help you close high paying deals at the start of your Writing Career.

3. Write Client Customized Proposals and Cold Pitching Emails

The point of impact is Writing Customized Proposals for the clients. In this case, you conduct research and write client-tailored Cold Pitching Emails to increase your chances of closing a prominent Writing Deal.

To get started, download my favorite sample of a client-customized cold pitching email.

To write customized proposals, you need to find out the niche of the target client, a concern with the client, current state of the client content, the facts you can apply to improve client’s business, and the case studies of how you did the same for the previous clients.

To find client’s Niche, enter the Client’s Domain Name in the Google. You can see the Site Title and Description on Google that tell you about the site Niche. Similarly, to find the concern with the content, you can state about searching client’s site for research on a similar topic.

In the same manner, give an idea of how the content at the client’s site can be improved. Also, state your plan for improving of the site’s content and provide case studies of your Result Driven work for the past clients.

4. Satisfy the Client and Close the Deal

Successful Deals are backed by Client satisfaction. At the start, when you start negotiating with the client, the point of impact is how you satisfy the Prospective Client and close the Deal.

Personally, I focus on making clients feel inspired by my Skills and Services. I focus on writing emails in details, conduct research about the client’s business, compile a quote for the client, share my past clients, success stories, and the strategy I use to carry out to bring value in the Client’s Business.

Also, when I negotiate with the Client, I don’t focus on securing the project. Instead, I care about inspiring clients by providing an honest review of how they can improve their business with quality content.

In addition to it, I also focus on offering Free contributions if I feel the client is interested. By doing this, not only I have successfully secured long-term clients, but also see Guest Post opportunities that helped me spread my value as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

5. Deliver Great Value on Time

Recently, I compiled a Free List of Additional Facts for one of my clients. They started loving my services when saw me taking an extra interest in their company’s success.

When struggling for inspiring the client by delivering value, always focus on Time Deadlines, quality of work, Turn around durations, instructions, Monthly reports on a regular basis, suggestions, and extra interest in the Client Business Success.

In this regard, you can increase your service quality by offering image designing and optimization, posting content to client CMS, monthly reports that contain the work details, and suggestions to improve things like CMS and content optimization.

In the same manner, you can focus on finishing the projects before deadlines. Also, you can charge your clients at a discounted rate. Besides it, send Follow up Emails to show interest, Thank you emails, provide TWO samples of work, and ask questions about their business success regarding Content. It improves your professional image, credibility, and service quality as a Writer.


Making a Living as a Freelance Writer and Blogger needs TWO things, building your professional Foundation and Credibility as a Writer, and thinking about the Client’s Psychology to take actions that matter.

The Foundation phase requires investing money at the start. After building Foundation, getting published on Top Platforms takes a bit longer, from Days to Weeks. You can leverage getting published on small sites to proceed and get published on top platforms.

Compiling a Prospective List is exciting and fun. By using the Google Related Operator, you can find Prospective Businesses that increase your chances of success.

Focus on writing customized Cold Pitching Emails for the Prospective clients. You can inspire the clients this way and close writing deals fast.

Finally, you can inspire the clients after Writing the Email Template. You can deliver additional services, speak with confidence, and provide relevant suggestions to inspire the Prospective Clients.

Make a checklist of how you can deliver High Value, such as a list that contains extra services, optimization facts, and client involvement tactics.

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