I have a secret for you about Freelance Writing Jobs.

Learn ways that work and close Writing Deals fast.

Back in May 2017, I closed a deal of $800 at the start of my Freelance Writing Career. Pay special attention to Cold Pitching, Guest Posts, Search Engines, and Blogging.

As a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger, I use to search for jobs on a regular basis. By mastering different ways, I earned a living in the past year.

To be honest, I am serious about you and want to teach you ways that really work.

Focus on learning my proven ways to find Writing Gigs. You can also download resources for each of the ways defined in this write-up.

Find Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Cold Pitching

Back at the start of my Writing Career in May 2017, Cold Pitching helped me close a deal of $800.

Cold Pitching consists of sending out Service Based Emails to Prospective clients.

Create your Professional Email Address by buying a Hosting package and a Domain Name. After completion, you can log into Hosting cPanel and create your Professional Email Address.

The next step is Compiling a Prospect List on Google. Search for your Niche keyword, and collect sites. You can also use the Google Related operator to find similar websites and increase your Prospect List.

Proceed by writing a Cold Pitching Template. A Template contains your Introduction, Services, and Rates, that you can customize for different clients.

Proceed and Download the Follow up Email Template that helped me increase my Response Rate significantly fast. Send a Follow Up email after Three days of no response from the Prospects; send the second one after another Three days, and the last one after Seven days of no answer.

2. Job Boards

Job Boards are sites that post Writing Jobs on a regular basis. On Pro Blogger Job Board, I got my first application accepted at the start of my career.

You can apply for the jobs on Job Boards, 3-5 on a daily basis which increases your chances of getting a Writing Job.

Download my favorite list of Job Boards. My file contains the hand-picked Job Boards for Freelance Writers and Bloggers.

Browse Job Boards and apply for 5-10 jobs on a daily basis. To find employment suited for your career level, use the Filter option on the Job Board sites. Also, focus on crafting a professional, winning Cover Letter. Download my favorite Cover Letter that helped me land Writing Clients on the Job Boards.

Follow the instructions when applying for the jobs. Also, focus on making up your Credibility as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. Get published on top platforms such as Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Entrepreneur. In the same manner, offer contribution to Open Source community and write eBooks.

3. Websites that Pay Writers

On Google or using the networking sites, you can find Sites that Pay Writers. Such sites help you provide Paid Writing Opportunities by accepting Paid Guest Post contributions.

Find sites on Google by searching for Sites that Pay Writers. Leverage your Professional Credibility and pitch your Article idea.

Download my favorite list of Sites that Pay Writers. Also, use Google Related operator to search for sites that accept Paid Guest Post contributions.

Read Guidelines carefully. By reading and giving importance to factors being defined in the guidelines, you can increase the chances of getting your pitch accepted by concerned Editors.

To proceed, you need a winning Guest Post Template. You can create yourself, or Download one from the Writers in Charge website. A template helps you describe your Guest Post accurately, and helps you win the Writing Gig by attracting the target Publication Editors.

You can send the Follow Up Emails for your Article ideas. Like Cold Pitching, follow the same 3-3-7 formula for the Sites that Pay Writers.

4. Social Media

Social Media platforms help you find Writing Jobs on a daily basis. You can browse relevant job ads, content, and job groups to find Writing Gigs on Social Media.

Join several Social Media platforms and browse on a daily basis. It will help you cover job ads posted at different times throughout the day.

Create your professional profile on Social Media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Quora.

Browse Social Media platforms on a daily basis. Apply for 3-5 jobs on a regular basis. The more you apply for jobs on Social Media, the more you can land clients fast.

Join relevant job groups on Social Media platforms. Go for the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, Twitter lists, and Pinterest Boards.

Keep improving your profile. Also, share helpful content, participate in discussions, and help others. It will help you build your audience, network, and referring agents for getting Writing Gigs fast.

Contact your fellow Writers, send Follow Up emails, and offer volunteer support to build initial relationships with Potential clients.

5. Guest Posts

Guest Posts refer to articles you write on other Blogs and Websites. Guest Posts help you come in front of a relevant audience and potential clients.

You can also find sites on the Google, by searching your Niche keyword, along with the Guest Post opportunities.

Go to Google and type in “Digital Marketing” Guest Post. You can collect sites that accept Guest Posts in Digital Marketing niche.

Also, use the Google Related Operator to find similar sites that accept Guest Posts. You can also see lists on other sites, lists of sites that accept Guest Posts.

Read Contributor Guidelines carefully, and craft Guest Post ideas based on the Platforms content, trends, and Keyword requirements.

After the research, craft ideas and use a Guest Post Template to send your Article ideas to target publications. Download the proven Guest Post Template that works like a charm.

Send Follow Ups on a routine basis. Follow the 3-3-7 Follow up routine for the purpose, and proceed with Editor’s instructions to get your Guest Posts published on the top platforms.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is a site holding ads in different categories such as Housing, Jobs, Sales, Community, and Discussion Forums.

Craigslist helps you search for the Writing Gigs and apply right on the Craigslist platform.

Select Career Level Assignments and apply for the jobs by using the Craigslist’s Reply feature.

Always follow the instructions defined in the Craigslist ads.

Browse Craigslist on a daily basis. Applying for 3-5 jobs on a regular basis increases your chances of getting your application accepted.

Create Job Alerts on Craigslist. You can find the said option in the Craigslist account features. Search for your desired job phrase, save the search, and turn the Alerts option on in the Craigslist account.

Use a Professional Cover Letter when applying for the jobs. Follow the Job Descriptions carefully, as sometimes, candidates are asked to follow specific medium for the Job Applications, such as Email or a Contact Form on the Employer’s website.

You can also Follow Up the Employer. Make sure following the 3-3-7 formula when sending out Follow Up Emails.

7. Bidding Websites

Bidding sites refer to those having jobs open for the Bidding. People from all over the world bid on the jobs, and close Writing Gigs right on the Bidding Platform.

Proceed and open an account, verify your account, pass tests to claim professionalism, and bid on jobs on a regular basis.

Bidding sites need a professional track record for the success. It includes a profile on the site, positive reviews, skills, and certifications listed on the profile.

To proceed, create your profile on Bidding sites. Make sure you download my favorite list of Bidding sites for the Writers.

Fill in the details on your profile. Include all relevant information, such as Introduction, Websites, Certifications, Writing Samples, and Contact information.

Participate in Bidding on a regular basis, and apply for 3-5 jobs on a daily basis. You can increase your job acceptance by focusing on writing winning proposals, skills, and delivering value on time.

With the passage of time, keep improving your profile, and focus on delivering your best services to clients.

8. Search Engines

Search Engines help you find jobs regardless of specific platforms such as Bidding sites.

You can find Writing Jobs on Search Engines by searching for job-related queries and Niche keywords.

To master Google search, learning to use Google Advanced Operators helps you find new jobs from authenticated sources and official websites.

Proceed and compile a list of Job Titles for Freelance Writers. Search Google for the said terms, along with using the Google Advanced Commands to find targeted jobs.

To succeed at Search Engine Jobs, use a Professional Cover Letter. Also, focus on applying for 5-10 jobs on a daily basis.

You can also use the Google Related feature to find relevant results on Google. It also helps you find similar sites regarding Freelance Writing Jobs.

You can send Follow Up emails for getting Employer’s responses. In this case, making connections on Social Media leads you to make contact with the target concerned Employers. Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for establishing relationships with concerned Employers and Marketing Managers.

9. Job Search Engines

Like Search Engines such as Google, you can make use of the Job Search Engines. With Job Search Engines, you can find jobs on multiple job sources.

Job Search Engines browse lots of job sites for your entered search term, helping you save time and find relevant jobs fast.

Use Indeed and Career Jet to find Writing jobs. While searching for jobs on Job Search Engines, you can use the relevant job titles to find targeted jobs.

Download my favorite list of Job Search Engine sites. Browse and apply for 5-10 jobs on a daily basis. Also, make sure you use the Filter option to find career suited jobs for your career.

Apply for jobs with Cover Letter. It helps you increase your job chances, and helps you look professional.

You can also create your account on the Job search Engine sites. After you create your account, you can upload your CV and make a professional profile. Also, create Job Alerts to get job emails in the Inbox.

10. Blogging

Blog refers to site regularly updated with relevant content. You can design your blog, update content, build authority, and attract the potential clients.

Blogging helps you keep attracting and satisfying the Prospective clients by writing valuable content.

Making a professional blog and updating with valuable content help you land Writing Gigs on a regular basis.

Blogging is unique because it helps you stop searching for clients. It also enables you to build your long-term Authority to get clients and make relationships with other Bloggers.

As a Blogger, you can connect with other Bloggers, to avail Guest Post opportunities on other Blogs, and secure more Writing clients fast.

To proceed, focus on creating valuable content on a regular basis, say once in a week.

After you create your Blog, make sure you create the necessary pages, such as About, Services, Testimonials, and Contact; along with a Hire Me button that helps you get clients on your Blog.

Also, target your audience by marketing your Blog content. Write Guest Posts on other Blogs, and keep marketing your content on a regular basis.


The point of impact is focusing on specific Job Hunting ways that work for you. Cold Pitching is the fastest way to get Writing clients. In Cold Pitching, you can close deals fast by communicating with decision makers such as CEO, Content Manager, and Marketing Manager.

As a Beginner, you can use the Job Boards and Social Media to find Writing Gigs.

Use Search Engines such as Google, and Job Search Engines like Indeed and Career Jet to browse job sites, and find Career Level Jobs fast.

Once you build your Foundation as a Writer, you can create a Blog to find Writing Jobs on a regular basis.

Blogging helps you land clients automatically because the value you put in the content speaks about your Professional Career, Authority, and the skills you can bring in the Client’s Businesses. As a serious Blogger, you can create more valuable content, contribute to other Blogs, and build your Blog Brand on the Internet.

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