Freelance Writing can make you a Living Income. You can cash your Writing skills and make your life more comfortable than a traditional job.

If you write and use the Internet, you have come to the right place. In this write-up, I am going to tell you about developing a Writing Career, and building a successful Writing Business online.

You can use my Tips as a Beginner, or as an Advanced Writer. To me, I have been writing since 2015 now and following these Tips on a regular basis.

Till now, I have cashed lots of payments from the clients. The Tips defined in this Article give you proper knowledge regarding earning as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Freelance Writing Tips for Beginners

1. Learn about the Freelance Writing Strategy

To succeed as a Living Freelance Writer, you do need to follow a specific strategy. The strategy contains following rules that make up your journey as a Writer and help you build your successful career.

You can read about a strategy that works for the Freelance Writers and Bloggers. This strategy outlines your steps as a Writer, from start to keep working successfully and build a Living as an Internet Writer.

Focus on the strategy steps from start to finish. You can start by making up your Foundation as a Writer, and then proceed to the Credibility phase. Next, you head to defining your Rates, learn the client prospecting process, and Tracking and Improving your business success. To read an actionable checklist regarding Writing strategy, Download my personal swipe file.

To get started as a Living Writer, completing the required steps take time, from a month to Two months. Make sure you focus on steps properly, take necessary actions on time, and keep improving your Writing Business with the passage of time.

2. Fulfill the Strategy Requirements

The strategy starts from building Foundation as a Writer. This phase contains building a Writer Website that provides relevant materials to clients that serve as a Portfolio.

You can proceed to Get Published on top platforms such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffington Post. Once you get your Articles published on the mentioned platforms, you can start searching for the clients. As defined above, you can proceed to the next steps, determining Rates, Prospecting for Clients, and Tracking your results.

Focus on every single step, properly. It is recommended to start after arranging the initial investment to create your Writer Portfolio Website.

Don’t take much time in steps. Do your best, learn from mistakes, and proceed to the next steps. It will help you build your career fast.

Once you complete the basic checklist of the Strategy and start earning some money by Writing, you can improve your strategy facts, such as your Portfolio Website, increasing your Rates, Searching for High Paying Clients, and improve your Writing Career.

3. Build your Credibility, Get Published on Top Platforms

Getting published on top platforms significantly helps you boost your Writing Career. At this stage, you write good articles and pitch the right platforms for getting published.

To get started, find sites that accept Guest Post Contributions. You can find sites on Google, or find lists of sites that accept Guest Posts. After having sites, read their Contribution Guidelines. Craft an Article idea, approve it from the concerned Editors and get your piece published on the platforms.

Focus on creating catchy Headlines and awesome Article ideas. It increases your chances of getting your Text published on the platforms. Besides it, always keep learning and improving your Business Writing skills.

Also, learn to leverage your low hanging fruits, that means getting published on Top platforms by leveraging your credibility on small ones.

You can also find sites in your Niche. Fire up Google, search for your Niche Keyword, along with the phrase Contributor Guidelines, and you can collect sites that accept Guest Post Contributions in your Niche.

4. Decide on your Rates

Defining your Rates is vital at the start of your Writing Career. It helps you plan for the Tasks and helps you earn your Monthly Income Goal.

Take all factors into account that contribute to the Rates, such as Time, Resources, worked required, region, and type of work.

Rates affect your performance. For example, if you manage FIVE low paying clients in a month, you have a lot of work to earn by Writing. On the other hand, improving your skills and working for a single or Two high paying clients hits your Monthly Income Goal.

You can also increase your rates at a later time. If you keep learning new skills as a Writer and Blogger, you can command high rates. In this regard, come up with the results and inspire the prospective clients to close long-term partnerships.

You can also offer additional services to secure long-term plans. Additional services include posting articles to CMS, optimizing the existing articles, and carrying out Content Marketing on a regular basis.

5. Learn Prospecting for Clients

Client Prospecting is an Art. It is the process of searching for clients to close the Writing Deals.

In this process, clients are searched with Google. You can compile a Prospective List by searching your main Niche Keyword on Google. This process outlines collecting client websites for the Cold Pitching. You can also search for the clients on the company Database sites such as LinkedIn.

On Google and LinkedIn, you can use the Filter option to narrow down your search. You can find prospects by country, company type, or number of Employees.

Client Prospecting also consists of finding out the prospects contact information. The Prospects are contacted for closing mutual partnerships such as Content Management.

There are the paid company Databases as well. You can avail paid services to buy the Prospect Lists, containing the contact information, including Name, Position, Email Address, and Company Website.

To manually find the contact information, you can land on the official websites of the Prospect clients. Once loaded, use the Email Finding Extensions such as Email Hunter to find the contact information.

6. Decide on your Monthly Earning Target and Track your Results

Deciding on a Monthly Earning Target is important which helps you keep your Writing Career progressive. Besides it, Tracking your Results helps you pinpoint improvement areas in your Writing Business.

Once you decide on a Monthly Earning Plan, you can forecast your monthly Task Schedule. You can plan the Prospecting process, Clients Management, and Daily Routine. Along with Earning schedule, Tracking your performance helps you make decisions and hit your Monthly Earning marks.

To achieve your Monthly Earning Mark, you should decide on a reasonable rate. After the rates, you can forecast the number of clients you need to find and close deals each month.

In the same manner, while Tracking your results, make sure to measure results on a daily basis. Keep doing so on a regular basis and improve the necessary facts.

Eventually, you need to decide the total number of Clients you need, Rates, and Payment routine. Also, focus on searching for high paying clients and close long-term partnership deals.

7. Master the Negotiating Art

It is important to close more deals on a Monthly basis. You can improve your Negotiating Art by thinking about Human Psychology.

You can think as a Client who needs Freelance Writing Services that help them achieve results. It helps you forecast the client expectation and improve your services accordingly.

While negotiating with clients, show confidence to inspire clients. Also, demonstrate your expertise, give proofs, share the result driven facts, and offer support.

You can close more deals by inspiring clients of your services. Once they feel you can work and draw results for their business, you can close deals fast.

I will suggest closing Monthly Deals with Clients. It helps you for Two reasons, you can work with more focus, and you don’t need to search for more clients. Also, with a single or Two high paying clients, you can hit your Monthly Earning Mark easily, instead of working for many low paying clients. Top Paying Clients pay well as compared to Low Paying Ones with lots of management.

8. Close Writing Deals like a Boss

With confidence and result driven strategies, you can close deals like a Boss. You can get confidence by Two means, sharpen your skills and learn more strategies, and come up with reliable results.

To have a taste of how to improve your skills, you can see the portfolio of other Writers. In the same manner, you can offer additional services. Similarly, to come up with the results, you can implement and conclude robust strategies.

Always use your past experience as a plus point, including Past clients, Case studies, and client Testimonials. On the other hand, you can leverage the Published Guest Posts to claim Authority and Credibility in a specific Niche.

To secure clients, offer volunteer support before sending in Project Proposals to prospective clients. Once the Prospects see you implementing strategies and achieve results, Prospects can head to close deals quickly.

Also, pay particular attention to deliver more results than expected. Always keep improving your services, send Monthly reports along with Forecasts, and Thank you Emails upon payments.

9. Deliver Great Value

The lifetime of your Writing Career depends on regularly offering great value to clients. It helps them achieve results and helps you close long-term projects.

As a Freelance Writer and Blogger, you should focus on providing additional services, such as Edits, Posting to CMS, Images, SEO optimization, and Content Marketing. By delivering Additional services, you can deliver great value to clients.

To get started, create a checklist of over delivering Facts. Download my personal favorite checklist for Over Delivering my Freelance Writing Services.

Along with providing additional services, you can send in Monthly reports, Case studies, offer suggestions and mention the results of your work.

You can also surprise the clients by doing more than decided. You can exceed the word count for the Articles, write more write-ups than the decided number, and come up with additional documents along with the Articles.

Focus on fast Turnaround time as well. It helps you keep your clients satisfied and happy. Fast Turnarounds help you build your professional foundation as a Writer.

10. Improve your Career and develop a Freelance Writing Business

You have the working strategy to succeed as a Writer. You can proceed and learn new things to improve the strategy, and develop your Freelance Writing Business.

Building a Career as a Writer makes a difference regarding Income, Credibility, and Professionalism. Not only you can earn more by providing services, but also can learn new skills and increase your Rates.

In this regard, you can improve your Writing, Negotiating, Portfolio websites, Writing samples, and write more Guest Posts.

Focus on keeping the improvement routine for life. It gives your career a take off from the ground and helps you build your professional Writing Career fast.

To build a Writing Business, you need to keep Writers on the board. Tune in your Client Prospecting routines and close more deals. It will help you expand your business, as well as earn more by providing diverse services to clients. Also, you can focus on Content Marketing that enables you to speak about your business on Top Platforms such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.


Pick a working strategy to work as a Freelance Writer and Blogger, and stick to it for the Life. Make sure you complete the strategy ingredients properly.

Focus on improving yourself as a Writer, including Writing, Portfolio, and the Services you offer to clients.

Master the Client Prospecting process and close more deals to earn more with Writing online. Also, create an Earning Benchmarks list and plan your Tasks accordingly.

Negotiate properly with confidence. Don’t let the client go away. Provide satisfaction, result driven facts, and case studies about your success as a Writer.

Always deliver exceptional value on Time. The professional attitude can turn short-term clients into loyal ones. In addition to it, keep improving your Writing career and build Professional Authority as a Writer and Blogger.

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