Honestly, I am going to change your Client Hunting routine. Listen, struggling to find one High Paying Client is better than having 10 Low Paying Clients.

I have been writing for more than 5 years now and learned about how the process of Prospecting Clients helps Writers take off their Writing Careers.

As always, I use to foucs on finding High Paying Clients. Since I experienced using my ways to get clients, I clear off the table and left the single most important strategy to find High Paying Clients.

In this write-up, I am going to break down the exact method I use to find and negotiate Content Based Roles with High Paying Clients. I have been using this strategy for a long time now and increased my Writing Income from $50 to $150 per article.

How I Find High Paying Clients and Increase my Writing Income Fast and Instantly

1. Pick the Past Clients that Paid well, or compile a list of Niche specific Prospective Clients

Recently, I picked up my Past client-sheet and offered a Guest Post campaign. My response rate was above 80%, and I closed deals with several clients fast.

In getting High Paying Clients case, I use to pick past clients that paid well. Even a single past client can play the role, leading me to find similar sites on Google.

I head to Google, use the Google Related Operator, and find similar sites. Specifically, I recompile my list and keep High Paying sites that deal in expensive business such as Products, Software, or Online Stores.

On the other hand, I find my Niche specific sites, High Paying sites. I do a research process to confirm my Prospects are High Paying ones. I proceed a bit further to ensure they will pay well, by looking at their Websites, Products and Services, About page, Team members, Pricing Table, and Support Center.

Yes, carrying out the exact TWO factors, finding similar sites to past clients that paid me well, and finding Niche specific High Paying businesses, form my High Paying Prospective Client List.

2. Conduct in-depth Research about Client Businesses, Content, and Team Members

In-depth Research includes finding out Client Business infrastructure, such as the number of Employees, Product line, Online reputation, Business Partners, Company age, Region, Pricing structure, and Product Niches.

You can search a company on Startup Databases such as Beta List or Product Hunt, and find the number of Employees. Similarly, product line refers to the number of products, Online presence on top platforms and Social Media, Business partners such as Affiliate companies, Niche, and Pricing information.

In the same manner, focus on Content-Based aspects such as regular updating of the Company Blog. You can find the Blog on the Official Company’s Website. Also, focus on the Authors contributing content to the Blog, and Blog updating frequency as well.

Finding Team Members plays a vital role in closing Deals with High Paying Clients. On the About Us page on the Official Website of a Company, you can see the Members, including Decision Makers like CEO, Founders, and Marketing Officers. People such as being mentioned take decisions regarding Content at the companies.

3. Pitching Cold Emails containing my Achievements, Expertise and Result Driven Case Studies

As usual, I try to inspire my Prospective Clients. To get started, I don’t care about sending out pitches with a sample template. Instead, I love using my Customized Email Template for the purpose.

After going through researching my Prospective clients, I craft the email that contains my Writing Achievements, such as Writing the Perfect Blog Posts for the past clients.

Regarding Writing Expertise, I include facts about my Cold Outreach Campaign for a past client. I demonstrate and share my experience regarding writing the perfect email series to capture and qualify for the Business Leads.

In the same manner, I share my case studies that contain the result-driven strategies with proof, screenshots, and client testimonials.

Along with the research about the client company, I put the said factors in the Cold Email Template. Honestly, once my Prospective Clients see me working for their company, without having a deal, they inspire and hit the Reply button, to start a conversation about the Content.

4. Negotiate and Offer a Trial or Contribution or a Result Based Contract

You can secure the Prospective Clients while negotiating for a mutual contract. However, you can step forward and offer a lead by favorable results or achievements.

In this case, you hit the client’s satisfaction mark by providing your best services regardless of getting paid. In this case, I have experienced most clients close a Result-Based Contract.

As a Professional Freelance Writer and Blogger, you must know your claim. You must act to make things come true as decided and proceed to claim your Monthly deals with the clients.

On the other hand, you can contribute such as Writing and Posting an article to client’s Business Blog. It helps you demonstrate your skills to attract the Prospective Clients.

To make things more apparent to the client and increase your chances of closing a deal, you can state the client no obligation if the results are not delivered on time. For sure, you can clarify to clients about no fees in case of no results on the table.

5. Deliver Great Value

Negotiating ends, your turn now. Delivering great value on Time attracts the clients to your writing services. To get started, you should compile a list of Over Delivered Facts for your Prospective Clients. You can also download my checklist for delivering great value to clients and keep long-term work flowing into pockets.

To name a few facts, you can deliver projects before the deadline mark. Also, pay particular attention to fast turnaround times.

Similarly, when negotiating with Prospective Clients, don’t focus on securing the projects at the start. Instead, focus on delivering satisfaction to the client. You can ask questions, give suggestions, and share relevant materials to help the client decide and close writing deals.

Along with decided rate, you can deliver additional services regardless of increasing your rates. It serves as a surprise and sounds like you care about the client business and success.

In the same manner, you can deliver Two samples of projects on the initial try. Besides it, provide images and create a sample Infographic. Also, offer to post the articles to Client’s Blog CMS such as WordPress.

6. Follow Up and Close a Monthly Deal

I Follow up the clients after delivering my previously promised results. It was decided the base for closing a real monthly deal.

In this case, I focus on building a relationship and close deals in a friendly manner. The client has the proof now, and I need to carry out connections to proceed and close long-term projects.

Personally, once I deliver achievements as a contributor, I offer more additional services to attract the Prospective clients and close a long-term partnership. To make things even more attractive, I offer more value regardless of asking for increasing my rates.

Moreover, the exciting part comes when I offer the client even more additional services if the client agrees to close a Monthly deal. I have seen this work for me, and once I close a long-term or Monthly deal, I stay focused, and deliver my best work to the Client. In addition to it, at the end of the month, I step forward at the time of sending an invoice and ask before sending one. It helps me build a healthy relationship with the clients for a long-term partnership.


Getting High Paying Clients is an Art. As a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger, I have experienced trying lots of ways to close deals, but found the way defined in this article working for me, all the times.

The point of impact is searching for High Paying Clients, Write Customized Emails for the Prospective Clients, Feel them Satisfied by working with you, Offer value regardless of asking for Rates, deliver value, and close Monthly Deals.

Once you go through this process for a single client, and secure the project, you will be able to make it possible for every Prospective Client.

As you go with the process, you can find High Paying Clients. You will also feel having a single High Paying Client is better than working for lots of Low Paying Clients.

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