1. The right tools help you succeed in your Freelance Writing Career. Tools help you build your Foundation as a Writer, find resources, and improve your career with the passage of time.

In this article today, I am going to list down essential tools you need to succeed as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Some of the tools help you start your career, the others help you improve and run your Writing Business.

Similarly, some tools are paid ones. By combining the Free and Paid tools, not only you can start your Career as a Writer, but also can improve and keep expanding your career.

Without further ado, I am diving deep into the topic. Focus, understand, and learn to build and improve your career with tools, the tools that help you take off from the ground and develop a successful Living Career as a Writer.

Tools to Succeed as a Freelance Writer and Blogger

1. Hosting Service

Hosting refers to server space on the Internet. To create your website, you need to buy a Hosting package. After you buy, you can upload your site files to Hosting account, and build your professional website.

Buying a Hosting package costs $5-10 on a Monthly basis. You can also obtain a Domain Name with the Hosting, or buy one separately. A Domain Name refers to an Internet Address used to access your website on the Internet.

With Hosting, along with creating your website, you can also upload files, host multiple websites under different Domain Names, and manage Remote Backups.

You can also obtain the Email Service with a Hosting package. The Email or Webmail helps you create your professional Email Address at your Domain Name.

Consider buying a Hosting plan that supports multiple sites. In this case, you can develop multiple websites on a single Hosting account. Here, you can use the same Hosting space for multiple websites, but you will need to buy separate Domain Names for each site you want to develop on the Hosting space.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a Grammar checking tool. It reserves one of the best positions in Grammar checking tools for the Writers.

Grammarly checks more than 400 English Errors in your writing, including Spellings, Grammar, Punctuation, Fluency, Vocabulary, Word order, and Sentence Structure.

Grammarly provides a Desktop application and a Chrome Plugin. After you install these facts, you can check your text for errors. The Chrome Plugin allows you to check text as you type in the Browser, while the Desktop application enables you to check your text on the Desktop.

Grammarly improves your English and helps you learn to spot out Grammar errors. To work as a Writer online, you need to use the Grammarly on a daily basis.

You can use the Grammarly Free package or buy a paid one. Grammarly Paid comes with 400+ checks at a cost of $15 per month.

Consider buying the Grammarly Paid to work smarter as a Writer. You can also avail discount packages on a timely basis. To improve your English, Grammarly is essential for a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is a Payment Gateway you can use to accept Payments from the clients. You can send invoice requests and receive payments right in your Payoneer Account.

After you finish working for clients, you can send the Payoneer invoices. The invoice outlines the purpose and description of the transaction, allows attaching invoice files, and provides paying by Payoneer Account, along with the Card options to pay.

With Payoneer, clients can pay you with their Payoneer accounts or use the Card option for the payments.

You can also use other tools for the invoicing purposes such as Paypal, Freshbooks, and Zoho Forms. All the tools allow you to receive payments right inside your account.

Payoneer serves best for the regions where Paypal or other payment services are not available. You can receive payments and withdraw to your local Bank Account in less than a week.

Payoneer stores your transactions, invoice requests, and shows periodical notifications about your account. You can also get a Payoneer Master Card to withdraw your funds at ATM locations.

4. Invoice Generating Tools

An Invoice outlines your services, rates, and allows the clients to pay you. To create professional looking invoices, you need to use Invoice Generating Tools such as Free Invoice Builder.

After you create your account, you can start creating professional Invoices. You can enter the required information in the Invoice such as Client information, Services, Rates, and your Contact information.

There are many Free Invoice Builders on the Internet. They all serve Invoice Generating Features and help you create and send attractive Invoices to clients.

At the time of sending Payment requests to clients, you can use Invoice Files to inspire the clients. Invoice Files are referred to PDF versions of your generated invoices. You can download the PDF invoice after you create one.

To help you manage mass payouts, you can use more technical Invoice systems such as Freshbooks. For a Beginner Freelance Writer and Blogger, using Free Invoicing Tools covers the gap. On the other hand, as a professional player, you can use the Paid invoicing services to send payment requests and receive money from your clients.

5. Social Media

Freelance Writers and Bloggers should make use of the Social Media. Not only you can build relationships, but also you can use Social Media for finding jobs, new opportunities, and carrying out client meetings.

You can search for the groups and lists for Freelance Writers. Freelance communities on Social Media help you explore new opportunities regarding your career.

You can also carry out Content Marketing on Social Media. In this case, LinkedIn Publishing Platform helps you publish articles in front of Prospective clients. In addition to it, you can use Quora, Facebook Groups, and Twitter Lists to attract potential clients.

As an individual Freelance Writer and Blogger, you can use the Social Media to search for jobs and attract the clients. You can also make use of Social Media Platforms to lead your community such as Writers and Bloggers.

To get started, create and make up your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and Pinterest. If you create ecourses, you must consider creating profiles on different platforms, and lead relevant communities of Writers and Bloggers.

6. Email Prospecting Tools

As a Client Hunter in the career, you need to use the Email Hunting or Prospecting Tools. These Tools are used to find the contact information of the Prospects.

Most of the Email Prospecting Tools such as Hunter and Voila Norbert require the Full name and Website address of the Prospects. Once provided, the tool finds the contact Email address of the concerned people.

Prospecting Tools also enable you to verify Bulk Email addresses. It means you can find valid Email addresses out of the Mass Email Database file such as an Excel sheet.

Use Google to compile a list of Prospective Clients. For example, search your target Keyword on Google and collect sites from the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs). Once you collect sites, you can make use of the Social Databases to find the people at the target sites. You can proceed to Email Hunting Tools to find the contact information.

On Google, use the Related Operator to find the similar websites, or use Similar Site Finders to find similar sites.

7. Optinmonster and Aweber

Optinmonster and Aweber help you build a professional Freelance Writing and Blogging career. Optinmonster helps you capture the Email Addresses while Aweber enables you to send emails to the audience.

You can buy the Optinmonster package to create forms that capture emails. You can create forms for various positions on your website, such as Sidebar. In the same manner, after buying the Aweber package, you can send one-time emails or set an automated email series. These services start at $12 and $19 per month respectively.

After you buy the packages, you can leverage the Website Traffic Sources such as LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and Pinterest. High traffic to the website means capturing more email leads which ultimately leads you to sales and revenue.

In addition to leveraging the traffic sources for capturing more email leads, you can also write Guest Posts on top platforms such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Forbes. Guest Posts help you attract the relevant audience and build your Professional Authority fast.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive provides free Cloud Space with your Google Account. You can create your Google account and use Google Drive to host your files.

You can use Google Drive while delivering your Freelance Writing work to clients. The point of impact is that Google Drive provides hosting different types of files. Also, it helps you use other Google Services such as Google Sheets and Documents to edit your uploaded files in the Google Drive.

You can also consider using Google Drive alternatives such as Drop Box, Microsoft One Drive, and Bit Casa. By using these services, you can easily avail free space to store your files.

Not only you can use the Google Drive for hosting files and providing Editing opportunities to Clients, but also you can use Google Drive for Backing Up your files.

Another aspect you can consider when using the Google Drive, it provides Real-Time editing opportunity for the Team Members. You can avail this feature by inviting Team Members to edit or change the files hosted on the Google Drive.

9. Hemingway Application

Hemingway Application makes your writing bold and clear, easy to read and understand. It also helps you take care of SEO related factors such as Headings, Bulleted Lists, and Quotes.

You can improve your writing by using Hemingway Editor. It helps you check your text for improvements, as well as provides writing opportunity to enter text.

Making your text readable is vital as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. This process consists of spotting out Grammatical Errors, eliminating wordy phrases, and using of the Power words to make your text more attractive and emotional.

Hemingway also provides a Desktop Application. You can Download Hemingway Application for Windows or Mac operating system or try out service by using its Free version.

As discussed above, you can also make use of the Grammarly for improving your text. The Grammarly helps you improve your Text by checking for more than 400 errors, while you can specifically use the Hemingway Application to make your text more readable and easy to understand.

10. WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System used to build your Blog or Website. It is a Free and Open Source CMS to create professional websites.

You can get started by Downloading the WordPress package. Once finished, you can upload to Hosting account and create your website.

With WordPress, you can develop One-Page websites easily, or develop a Blog that hosts your latest posts. As a Freelance Writer and Blogger, using the WordPress to create your Blog is one of the most important tasks in your career.

In addition to it, you can Learn and Master the WordPress. From start to finish learning WordPress, you can learn using the WordPress Dashboard which provides basic and advanced settings for your site.

You can also design your Portfolio and Blog sites without having coding skills. You can achieve the said criteria by Drag and Drop interface and uploading different WordPress Themes and Plugins.

In the same manner, you can also add contributors to your WordPress, and allow them to contribute content to your WordPress website.


Pick the Right Tools and map your success as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. By using the WordPress, you can also manage to create several sites on the same Hosting package, accessible at different Domain Names.

Focus on defined tools in this article and develop your Writer Portfolio Website, improve your Writing, Create invoices, receive Payments from the clients, use Social Media, learn Prospecting clients, engage the audience, and host Client’s Files.

As a Beginner Writer, you can make use of the Free Tools, but as you proceed to earn by writing, Paid Tools improve your career on a Professional Level.

To make a difference in your career, compile a daily checklist for various factors defined in this article and keep routines to sharpen your career, such as Posting several times on Social Media and sending 20 Cold Pitching Emails on a daily basis.

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