The Art of Writing Winning Proposals helps you qualify for the High Paying Clients.

I have come across clients in different niches and learned the fact that writing Killer Proposals plays an important role in securing Writing Gigs, more than any other factor in negotiating with the Prospective Clients.

Today in this article, I am going to show you getting the High Paying Clients by Learning and Writing the attractive Proposals.

Focus on the EXACT steps, download resources, take action and change your life as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Close $1000 per Month Writing Contracts by Writing Winning Proposals

1. Know the Ingredients of a Winning Proposal

A Winning Proposal has a specific format, consisting of relevant and vital content sections, such as Lead Sentence, Subject Line, and Purpose of the Email.

At the start of the Proposal, you can start with Introduction and state facts that contribute to your Professional image. In this case, you can also state the purpose of your Email. Proceed and Download my Personal Proposal Template.

Next, you can list down your services. Along with essential blocks of information, you need to embed your voice as a Confident, Successful, and Result-Driven Freelance Writer.

Pay particular attention to the Client Needs regarding your role. Carefully mention the client fears, problems, and provide a straight forward solution.

Be professional and beneficial. Make sure you don’t talk about rates and prices in Proposals, as you can discuss rates while further negotiating about the mutual partnership.

2. Research the Prospective Clients

Writing the “Prospective Client Tailored Proposals” helps you attract clients fast. It helps you make them feel blessed with quality work.

To get started, you need to collect relevant facts that help you write Client Specific Proposals. Proceed and visit the Prospective Client’s website for an initial taste.

Find out the main Niche of the client’s site on Google. You can do so by entering the Domain Name in the Google, and read the site Description. In the same manner, you can also look at the Client’s Business Social Profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Similarly, you can directly ask the client for relevant details such as their aims regarding content, word count, Blog Post frequency, and specific format of the Articles.

Regarding content, focus on the future plans of the Client. There are lots of factors about Content such as Keywords to be covered, Word Count, number of Blog Posts per Month, format, CMS posting, including relevant Resources and Case studies, and writing Promotional Emails and Posts.

3. Write the Proposal

Now, you have the main facts and ingredients in hands, you can confidently start Writing Killer Proposals.

Along with further details and explanation, include all relevant facts found in the Research phase. The features you provide in Proposals help the clients understand their Content Strategy, and lead you close long-term partnership.

To have a substantial impact, always start with the previous connection if made. It helps you claim a relationship record with the client. Also, write Proposal Text smartly with confidence, like including Case Studies and Previous Satisfied Clients. Take time writing Proposals, include relevant details, and make the Email tailored to the Client needs.

Similarly, include supportive materials describing client specifics. Make sure you include links to credible sources and articles you have published on top platforms.

Most importantly, encourage the client to Reply to your Proposal Email. You can offer additional services, discussion topics, and attractive offers to encourage carrying out further negotiating.

4. Follow-up and Negotiate with the Prospective Clients

You can send Follow-up Emails if you don’t get a response from the Prospective Clients. A Follow-up Email consists of inviting the client for negotiating and proceeding to the final decision about Content Management.

To get started with Follow-up Emails, follow the 3-3-7 formula. The 3-3-7 formula refers to sending a Follow-up email after Three days of no response from the Client, another email after Three days, and the last Third email after Seven days if you don’t hear a response from the Prospective client. After the Third email, you can safely stop sending Follow-up emails.

Download my written Follow-up Email that gets High Response Rate. It contains starting the Follow-up email from providing more value to Client. Also, the Template contains a warm start and proceeds to keep the previous Content Discussion.

To make sure you increase the Response Rate to Follow-up Emails, focus on writing attractive Subject Lines. In the same manner, you can offer a Trial or Result-Based Contract to attract the client’s interest regarding Content.

In the Follow-up Email, specifically focus on building your Relationship with the client. Address and Discuss the client needs, and proceed to close long-Term partnership.

5. Close Monthly Deals

You can feel the power of Researching the Client’s Business at the start. After the Research, not only you can write Winning Proposals, but also you can close Monthly deals by efficiently addressing the Client’s Content Needs.

Make sure you deliver the Promised Results after writing proposals. In most cases, the Prospective Clients tend to test out your services by assigning a Trial Article.

You can also offer the discounted rates to close Monthly Deals. In the same manner, you can provide additional Content-Based services such as Posting the Articles to Client’s Content Management System (CMS).

Focus on keeping the client satisfied by sharing your Case Studies regarding Content. You can list down Facts and Blueprints to carry out Result-Driven strategies for the Client’s Business.

Make sure you always tailor yourself profitable to Client Business. On a timely basis, share your experience, Monthly reports, achievements, and thank you emails on different events like Paying an Invoice.


Writing Winning Proposals is an Art. It can drastically increase your earning as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Download my Follow-up Email Template that has increased my response rate by 60%. Also, you can focus on writing great Subject Lines. In addition to it, follow the 3-3-7 formula for sending out Follow-up Emails.

After you gain more exposure in Writing Proposals, you can customize the Template. Besides it, make sure you carry out the Research process properly.

Focus on delivering High Value to close Monthly Deals. Offer discounted rates along with additional services such as Posting Articles to CMS and optimizing the existing Blog Posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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