Earning a Living as a Freelance Writer makes your life independent. By having a Writer Monthly Routine, you can manage working from anywhere, update your Blog, and improve your writing business.

I have been there in the game since 2014. Over the past years, I have come across different ways to make a living as a Writer and decided to carry out key facts on a regular basis.

In this article, I am going to list down ingredients that make up my Freelance Writing Career, a living lifestyle, blessing Real Cash flowing into my pockets.

Earning as a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger: My Personal Writer Monthly Routine

1. Cold Pitching at the Start of the Month

I make sure sending out Cold Pitching Emails at the start of every Month. I love doing this because it helps me save my time, plus reduces my client conversation, helping me to book clients fast.

I send out 500 to 1000 Cold Pitches at the start of every month. You can say my schedule helps me save time for writing, editing, marketing my content, and work on my Blog.

To make sure I achieve my targets, I hire people to work on the Client Prospecting Process. In this case, I make sure to use their services to find Prospect’s Emails. The rest is my game, sending out Emails with customized templates.

2. Blogging Schedule

Creating more content attracts prospective clients. Along with creating valuable content for your target audience, you can think about writing Guest Posts on other Blogs.

To make sure I get writing jobs by writing content, not only I focus on creating content that works, but also market them effectively. It is referred to as Content Marketing, and consists of writing Guest Posts on other Blogs, going for the Paid ads, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Sponsored Posts.

I compile a Blogging calendar that contains writing a specific number of posts for my Blog, as well as writing for the other Blogs.

3. Essential Accounts

I love using Tools that help me run my Writing Career effectively. Such tools increase my productivity as a Writer and help me smartly build my business.

To name a few, not only these tools serve me well, but the top writers in the trade use as well, tools including Grammarly for text error checking, Hemingway to make text readable, Yoast SEO for SEO optimization, Optin Monster and Aweber for capturing leads and Email marketing respectively, and WordPress for website building.

I have a list of essential tools like above. At the start of the month, I make sure to check them all; their premium packages, and update them if necessary.

4. Work-Load Division

Dividing my monthly work-load depends on the number of clients I have at a given time. Accordingly, I divide the month on client work-load and set aside to forecast the number of hours I need to complete my Monthly Task schedule.

Time Management helps in productivity as a Writer. I make sure doing it each month at the start, to ensure and forecast my time for different necessary things throughout the month.

Also, I make sure to categorize similar tasks, such as Email checking and Accounts management. To clarify, it helps me focus on similar things at a time.

5. Accounts Management

Freelancing means managing everything from Prospecting clients to sending Invoices. In the same manner, I do focus on managing Financial Accounts that help me charge my clients and receive payments.

Accounts Management consists of checking your receivable accounts and clients list, and send Follow up emails to ensure you receive payments on time.

You can also take charge of discounts. If you see a client paying on time, you can encourage the client by charging with discounted rates. In the same manner, if you can avail a discount on a tool you use, you can go for it.

6. Client Satisfaction Management

Client Satisfaction helps you close long-term writing partnership. In this case, you can surprise the clients by delivering more value on time. Similarly, you can also offer additional services to clients, such as Posting to Client’s CMS.

There are lots of ways you can keep your clients satisfied. Make sure you take care of the quality, and deliver your best work on time, along with fast turnaround times and following the instructions correctly.

Always send out Monthly reports at the end of every month. If possible, you can offer to add more services to client’s work, regardless of increasing your rates.

7. Content Marketing

To keep Freelance work flowing into pockets, not only you need to search for the clients actively, but also you need to write and market your valuable content.

To get started, you can create a Blog and write content on a regular basis, say once a week. To market your Blog content, you can leverage social platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and Twitter.

Content Marketing is important for the writing success. It gives you exposure in front of potential clients and helps you build your foundation as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

8. Improve your Foundation, Credibility, and Portfolio Websites

With the passage of time, you need to learn and improve your professional career. This includes writing more Guest Posts on top platforms such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.

Similarly, you need to update your portfolio sites. Your prospective clients and audience from the Guest Posts visit your sites to know more about you, so it becomes necessary to focus on portfolio sites properly.

Portfolio sites include your Resume site and Blog. Add more clients, success stories, and testimonials to your portfolio sites. Similarly, update your Blog with more in-depth and valuable content, on a regular basis.

9. Leverage your Free Time, Book the Clients

The art of finding the Prospective clients and book them in spite of asking for rates is essential. I head over to Google, find some exciting company sites, and send them an Introduction letter.

In the Email, I specifically focus on my success stories and the work I have completed for the past clients. Also, I talk about their business and draw in their attention.

Eventually, when I see the Prospective Clients taking an interest in the conversation, I compose a proposal and ask them to work closely in spite of paying for my services. I close a Result Based contract, and upon delivering the work, I close a Monthly contract with them.

10. Build Customized Writing Tools

As a Writer, you have to take actions on a daily basis. On a regular basis, I come across various things that need automation, such as updating my social media profiles with freshly written content.

In this case, I use to hire developers and ask them to build tools that automate my routine tasks. In this way, not only I cut down my regular time, but also I focus more on important things.

Similarly, if I can automate something that requires paid packages, I do that happily. In this case, I also make sure not to violate any law or rule regarding automation and working on the Internet.


To make a living online, you have to learn and improve your daily schedule on a regular basis.

Make a list of things you need to do on a daily basis, automate them effectively, or hire someone for doing it for you. It will help you save time to focus on important things, properly.

Similarly, take care of the tools you use as a Writer. If you need to renew your packages, do it or build a custom tool for the purpose.

Also, take care of Financial Accounts, Client satisfaction, Time management, and your Professional Foundation and Credibility as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.


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