$1000 per Month as a Freelance Writer and Blogger – My Private Writer Monthly Routine

Earning a Living as a Freelance Writer makes your life independent. By having a Writer Monthly Routine, you can manage working from anywhere, update your Blog, and improve your writing business.

I have been there in the game since 2014. Over the past years, I have come across different ways to make a living as a Writer and decided to carry out key facts on a regular basis.

In this article, I am going to list down ingredients that make up my Freelance Writing Career, a living lifestyle, blessing Real Cash flowing into my pockets.

Earning as a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger: My Personal Writer Monthly Routine

1. Cold Pitching at the Start of the Month

I make sure sending out Cold Pitching Emails at the start of every Month. I love doing this because it helps me save my time, plus reduces my client conversation, helping me to book clients fast.

I send out 500 to 1000 Cold Pitches at the start of every month. You can say my schedule helps me save time for writing, editing, marketing my content, and work on my Blog.

To make sure I achieve my targets, I hire people to work on the Client Prospecting Process. In this case, I make sure to use their services to find Prospect’s Emails. The rest is my game, sending out Emails with customized templates.

2. Blogging Schedule

Creating more content attracts prospective clients. Along with creating valuable content for your target audience, you can think about writing Guest Posts on other Blogs.

To make sure I get writing jobs by writing content, not only I focus on creating content that works, but also market them effectively. It is referred to as Content Marketing, and consists of writing Guest Posts on other Blogs, going for the Paid ads, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Sponsored Posts.

I compile a Blogging calendar that contains writing a specific number of posts for my Blog, as well as writing for the other Blogs.

3. Essential Accounts

I love using Tools that help me run my Writing Career effectively. Such tools increase my productivity as a Writer and help me smartly build my business.

To name a few, not only these tools serve me well, but the top writers in the trade use as well, tools including Grammarly for text error checking, Hemingway to make text readable, Yoast SEO for SEO optimization, Optin Monster and Aweber for capturing leads and Email marketing respectively, and WordPress for website building.

I have a list of essential tools like above. At the start of the month, I make sure to check them all; their premium packages, and update them if necessary.

4. Work-Load Division

Dividing my monthly work-load depends on the number of clients I have at a given time. Accordingly, I divide the month on client work-load and set aside to forecast the number of hours I need to complete my Monthly Task schedule.

Time Management helps in productivity as a Writer. I make sure doing it each month at the start, to ensure and forecast my time for different necessary things throughout the month.

Also, I make sure to categorize similar tasks, such as Email checking and Accounts management. To clarify, it helps me focus on similar things at a time.

5. Accounts Management

Freelancing means managing everything from Prospecting clients to sending Invoices. In the same manner, I do focus on managing Financial Accounts that help me charge my clients and receive payments.

Accounts Management consists of checking your receivable accounts and clients list, and send Follow up emails to ensure you receive payments on time.

You can also take charge of discounts. If you see a client paying on time, you can encourage the client by charging with discounted rates. In the same manner, if you can avail a discount on a tool you use, you can go for it.

6. Client Satisfaction Management

Client Satisfaction helps you close long-term writing partnership. In this case, you can surprise the clients by delivering more value on time. Similarly, you can also offer additional services to clients, such as Posting to Client’s CMS.

There are lots of ways you can keep your clients satisfied. Make sure you take care of the quality, and deliver your best work on time, along with fast turnaround times and following the instructions correctly.

Always send out Monthly reports at the end of every month. If possible, you can offer to add more services to client’s work, regardless of increasing your rates.

7. Content Marketing

To keep Freelance work flowing into pockets, not only you need to search for the clients actively, but also you need to write and market your valuable content.

To get started, you can create a Blog and write content on a regular basis, say once a week. To market your Blog content, you can leverage social platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and Twitter.

Content Marketing is important for the writing success. It gives you exposure in front of potential clients and helps you build your foundation as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

8. Improve your Foundation, Credibility, and Portfolio Websites

With the passage of time, you need to learn and improve your professional career. This includes writing more Guest Posts on top platforms such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.

Similarly, you need to update your portfolio sites. Your prospective clients and audience from the Guest Posts visit your sites to know more about you, so it becomes necessary to focus on portfolio sites properly.

Portfolio sites include your Resume site and Blog. Add more clients, success stories, and testimonials to your portfolio sites. Similarly, update your Blog with more in-depth and valuable content, on a regular basis.

9. Leverage your Free Time, Book the Clients

The art of finding the Prospective clients and book them in spite of asking for rates is essential. I head over to Google, find some exciting company sites, and send them an Introduction letter.

In the Email, I specifically focus on my success stories and the work I have completed for the past clients. Also, I talk about their business and draw in their attention.

Eventually, when I see the Prospective Clients taking an interest in the conversation, I compose a proposal and ask them to work closely in spite of paying for my services. I close a Result Based contract, and upon delivering the work, I close a Monthly contract with them.

10. Build Customized Writing Tools

As a Writer, you have to take actions on a daily basis. On a regular basis, I come across various things that need automation, such as updating my social media profiles with freshly written content.

In this case, I use to hire developers and ask them to build tools that automate my routine tasks. In this way, not only I cut down my regular time, but also I focus more on important things.

Similarly, if I can automate something that requires paid packages, I do that happily. In this case, I also make sure not to violate any law or rule regarding automation and working on the Internet.


To make a living online, you have to learn and improve your daily schedule on a regular basis.

Make a list of things you need to do on a daily basis, automate them effectively, or hire someone for doing it for you. It will help you save time to focus on important things, properly.

Similarly, take care of the tools you use as a Writer. If you need to renew your packages, do it or build a custom tool for the purpose.

Also, take care of Financial Accounts, Client satisfaction, Time management, and your Professional Foundation and Credibility as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

How to Close $1000 per Month Contracts by Writing Winning Proposals

The Art of Writing Winning Proposals helps you qualify for the High Paying Clients.

I have come across clients in different niches and learned the fact that writing Killer Proposals plays an important role in securing Writing Gigs, more than any other factor in negotiating with the Prospective Clients.

Today in this article, I am going to show you getting the High Paying Clients by Learning and Writing the attractive Proposals.

Focus on the EXACT steps, download resources, take action and change your life as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Close $1000 per Month Writing Contracts by Writing Winning Proposals

1. Know the Ingredients of a Winning Proposal

A Winning Proposal has a specific format, consisting of relevant and vital content sections, such as Lead Sentence, Subject Line, and Purpose of the Email.

At the start of the Proposal, you can start with Introduction and state facts that contribute to your Professional image. In this case, you can also state the purpose of your Email. Proceed and Download my Personal Proposal Template.

Next, you can list down your services. Along with essential blocks of information, you need to embed your voice as a Confident, Successful, and Result-Driven Freelance Writer.

Pay particular attention to the Client Needs regarding your role. Carefully mention the client fears, problems, and provide a straight forward solution.

Be professional and beneficial. Make sure you don’t talk about rates and prices in Proposals, as you can discuss rates while further negotiating about the mutual partnership.

2. Research the Prospective Clients

Writing the “Prospective Client Tailored Proposals” helps you attract clients fast. It helps you make them feel blessed with quality work.

To get started, you need to collect relevant facts that help you write Client Specific Proposals. Proceed and visit the Prospective Client’s website for an initial taste.

Find out the main Niche of the client’s site on Google. You can do so by entering the Domain Name in the Google, and read the site Description. In the same manner, you can also look at the Client’s Business Social Profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Similarly, you can directly ask the client for relevant details such as their aims regarding content, word count, Blog Post frequency, and specific format of the Articles.

Regarding content, focus on the future plans of the Client. There are lots of factors about Content such as Keywords to be covered, Word Count, number of Blog Posts per Month, format, CMS posting, including relevant Resources and Case studies, and writing Promotional Emails and Posts.

3. Write the Proposal

Now, you have the main facts and ingredients in hands, you can confidently start Writing Killer Proposals.

Along with further details and explanation, include all relevant facts found in the Research phase. The features you provide in Proposals help the clients understand their Content Strategy, and lead you close long-term partnership.

To have a substantial impact, always start with the previous connection if made. It helps you claim a relationship record with the client. Also, write Proposal Text smartly with confidence, like including Case Studies and Previous Satisfied Clients. Take time writing Proposals, include relevant details, and make the Email tailored to the Client needs.

Similarly, include supportive materials describing client specifics. Make sure you include links to credible sources and articles you have published on top platforms.

Most importantly, encourage the client to Reply to your Proposal Email. You can offer additional services, discussion topics, and attractive offers to encourage carrying out further negotiating.

4. Follow-up and Negotiate with the Prospective Clients

You can send Follow-up Emails if you don’t get a response from the Prospective Clients. A Follow-up Email consists of inviting the client for negotiating and proceeding to the final decision about Content Management.

To get started with Follow-up Emails, follow the 3-3-7 formula. The 3-3-7 formula refers to sending a Follow-up email after Three days of no response from the Client, another email after Three days, and the last Third email after Seven days if you don’t hear a response from the Prospective client. After the Third email, you can safely stop sending Follow-up emails.

Download my written Follow-up Email that gets High Response Rate. It contains starting the Follow-up email from providing more value to Client. Also, the Template contains a warm start and proceeds to keep the previous Content Discussion.

To make sure you increase the Response Rate to Follow-up Emails, focus on writing attractive Subject Lines. In the same manner, you can offer a Trial or Result-Based Contract to attract the client’s interest regarding Content.

In the Follow-up Email, specifically focus on building your Relationship with the client. Address and Discuss the client needs, and proceed to close long-Term partnership.

5. Close Monthly Deals

You can feel the power of Researching the Client’s Business at the start. After the Research, not only you can write Winning Proposals, but also you can close Monthly deals by efficiently addressing the Client’s Content Needs.

Make sure you deliver the Promised Results after writing proposals. In most cases, the Prospective Clients tend to test out your services by assigning a Trial Article.

You can also offer the discounted rates to close Monthly Deals. In the same manner, you can provide additional Content-Based services such as Posting the Articles to Client’s Content Management System (CMS).

Focus on keeping the client satisfied by sharing your Case Studies regarding Content. You can list down Facts and Blueprints to carry out Result-Driven strategies for the Client’s Business.

Make sure you always tailor yourself profitable to Client Business. On a timely basis, share your experience, Monthly reports, achievements, and thank you emails on different events like Paying an Invoice.


Writing Winning Proposals is an Art. It can drastically increase your earning as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Download my Follow-up Email Template that has increased my response rate by 60%. Also, you can focus on writing great Subject Lines. In addition to it, follow the 3-3-7 formula for sending out Follow-up Emails.

After you gain more exposure in Writing Proposals, you can customize the Template. Besides it, make sure you carry out the Research process properly.

Focus on delivering High Value to close Monthly Deals. Offer discounted rates along with additional services such as Posting Articles to CMS and optimizing the existing Blog Posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How to Close a Deal of $1000 per Month by Generating Amazing Article Ideas for the Prospective Clients

Two Months ago, I got a Prospective Client by Cold Pitching. Negotiating started, I was asked for the details, and finally, I went through a Trial Article.

I crafted an Article idea, wrote the Trial Blog Post, and land the client for a long-term partnership.

Today, I am going to describe the Exact Blueprint of generating article ideas to land a Writing Gig. It matters, and you can take the lead by coming up with undeniable Article ideas.

Focus on the roadmap, actionable steps, and join the discussion if you need any kind of help. If you take my word serious, you can get the results like I get the proven results.

Learn to Generate Amazing Article Ideas for the Prospective Clients

1. Analyze the Prospective Client Business and Online Presence

The first point is finding out the main Keyword of the Prospective Client. By searching the target website on Google, you can see the Keyword in the Title of the site.

Proceed and find the Niche of the Prospective client. You can do so by looking at your client’s website, products, and About page.

On Google, once you search the client website, you can read the Description of the Home Page of the site. The Google Description shows valued information about the Home page of a business.

To stay focused and concise, you can directly ask details from the client. Go through the required facts and ask the client about the details, facts, and case studies if needed.

In the same manner, you can see the Blog on the Official Website of the target Business. These facts collectively help you analyze the business structure of the Prospective client.

2. Craft Great Article Headlines

There are lots of ways to create Amazing Headlines that create curiosity in the Reader’s mind. Once done, you can increase the clicks on your Article ideas for the clients.

To get started, Google is your best friend. Take the main Keyword of the target business and search on Google. The top 10 articles on Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs) show the headlines for the popular articles.

To stay more productive, Google News helps you find trendy Article ideas with attractive Headlines. Head to Google News and search for the main Keyword. You can see and look for the trendy Headlines under various niches on the Google News.

You can also use specific tools such as Buzz Sumo and Google Trends that help you see trending articles. Buzz Sumo shows all-time most shared articles for a specific Keyword, while “Google Trends” helps you see trending pieces for a specific time span.

There are also the Headline Generators online. By using tools that generate new Headline ideas by taking the main Keyword as input, you can come up with fantastic Article ideas for your Prospective Clients.

3. Compile a List of Undeniable Headlines that increase Curiosity in the Reader’s Mind

Compile a list of more than 10 Headlines. Clients love the unexpected positive performance of the worker during Negotiating Process.

To expand your Headline List, you can create subparts of the main Keyword, and proceed to create Headlines for each of them. Not only you can increase the Headlines this way, but also you can cover more aspects of the main Keyword.

You can also use the Featured List of the top sites in your Niche. In this regard, type in the main Keyword in the Google, and visit the Top 10 site’s Featured Sections. Analyze the Headlines in the Featured sections of the Top Platforms, collect some of them, and update your Headline List.

On the other hand, you can ask the Prospective Client as well. For example, you can ask the clients about their favorite sites under their main Niche. Once they mention, you can visit and analyze the Headline format of the mentioned sites.

Take Headline ideas from the Trendy Platforms on the Internet, such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium. You can use this method to create and expand your Headline List smartly and quickly.

4. Write a Customized Winning Proposal

Writing Winning Proposals is an Art. You can learn writing great Emails to attract clients and close Writing Deals fast. To have more clients, you can master writing great proposals, and repeat this process for every client to secure more Writing Jobs.

In Customized Emails and Proposals, you need to think about Client Psychology. When writing such emails, make sure you focus on and address the client’s expectations.

In the same manner, provide easy-to-understand solutions for the client’s problems. Carefully assess the client needs, provide a strategy to achieve things on a timely basis, and deliver high value on time.

Use a Proven Template for sending out Proposal Emails. Download my crafted personal email that gets results for me. You can edit the fields as you like, and embed your personality in the Proposal Email.

Make sure you proofread your proposal before hitting the Send button at the end. Pay special attention to the Format and Grammar of the text, and the concept flow of the email. Also, don’t use the Technical Terms in Proposals, as it may sound difficult for clients to understand the concept in the email.

5. Close the Monthly Deal and Repeat the Process for Every Prospective Client

You have a strategy in hand, the strategy that works. Offer a discounted rate to attract the clients. You have to deliver the value regardless of raising your rates on a Monthly Basis.

Focus on improving your services with the passage of time. You can provide more value, offer additional contributions, and provide suggestions to grow your client’s business.

In addition to offering additional services, you can willingly discuss the client’s business and future plans. When clients see workers taking extra interest in their business, they proceed and build a long-term partnership with the profitable Freelancer.

Similarly, provide timely suggestions. Send out Monthly reports, suggestions, and results at the end of a Week or Month. Make sure you address the facts you carry out for the client. It will help you put your value on the table and build long-lasting relationships with the client.

You can also involve the clients in different role-based activities such as directing the clients to read an article about improving their business regarding your central role. It creates the client’s psychology about the importance of things and helps worker keep clients satisfied.


Take the steps defined in this write-up and change your Writing Life. I come up with the results by following the said strategy; you can do the same for yourself.

You can follow the strategy for High Paying Clients. By creating strong and attractive Headlines, you can secure the Long-Term Relationships with the clients.

Analyze the Top Platforms and Headlines, and provide more Headline examples on the first try. It shows your professional attitude at the start of negotiating for a mutual partnership.

Pay special attention to writing Winning Proposals. Great Proposals help you win clients fast. By using your Pitching Expertise and a Template, you can close High Paying Clients quickly.

To close a Monthly deal, make sure you deliver the great value. Provide more value on time, give suggestions, and deliver result-driven facts to secure the Prospective Clients on a long-term basis.

Earning $200 per Article: How I Command High Rates by Getting Published on Top Platforms

Recently, I closed a deal of $200 for a single Guest Post. I learned the way to close deals by getting published on Top Platforms.

The Prospective Clients reside on Top Platforms such as Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, and Forbes. When you write Guest Posts on popular platforms, the Business Owners offer writing for them on relevant Top sites.

In addition to it, before you start accepting Guest Post Opportunities, you need to Get your Articles Published on trendy Platforms first.

Today, I will describe my Proven Method to get published on Top Platforms, and offer the same Guest Post services to Prospective Clients. The more you can write on Top Platforms, the more you can Command High Rates.

To get started, you need to get published on top platforms first, and then offer the Guest Post services to Prospective Clients.

Get Published on Top Platforms

1. Find the Top Publications

To get published, you need to find the Top and Trendy Platforms first. Start by using the Google, type in your Writing Niche Keyword, along with Contributor Guidelines.

In this way, you can collect Top sites that accept Guest Posts. Once you find the sites, you can use the Google Related Operator to find the similar sites and expand your list.

On the other hand, you can also search for sites on the Google. Google shows you list of Sites that Accept Guest Posts. You can also find sites that talk about Guest Posts, or Paid collection of Sites that Accept Guest Post.

2. Find Contributor Guidelines and Read Carefully

In Contributor Guidelines, the Platforms talk about their Guest Post criteria. By reading Contributor Guidelines, you can find information about Topic Niches, Contact Medium, and Word Count of proposed article ideas.

To find the Contributor Guidelines page on a Website, you can use the Google Site Operator. Use the format to find the page holding instructions for Contributors.

Read the instructions before you proceed, note down relevant facts, take the contact information, and other materials such as Word Count, following specific rules, or accepting contributions on specific days.

3. Find the Contact Information of the Target Platforms

You may experience finding the contact information on the Contributor Guidelines page, but sometimes, you can pitch the platforms that don’t officially announce accepting the Guest Posts.

In this case, you will need to find the contact information of the person in charge of Content at the platforms. You can start by using the Google, and type in content manager at

You can also find the contact and employers information on Startup Databases such as Tech Crunch and Beta List. Once you get the Full Name of the concerned person, you can use an Email Prospecting Service such as Voila Norbert to find the Contact Email Address.

4. Craft an Article idea for the Guest Post

As discussed before, read the Contributor Guidelines carefully. Note down instructions and proceed to research and craft an Article idea for the Guest Post.

My favorite routine is looking fresh and trendy ideas on Google News. I type in my Niche Keyword or Related Phrase in Google News and look at the articles on the search page. Similarly, I love using Google for coming up with Article ideas. I search for the main keyword of the article and come up with the best article ideas for my Guest Post Pitches.

In the same manner, you can use the specialized tools such as Buzz Sumo. It helps you find Niche Related Trendy Articles on the Internet. You can also use the Google Trends for the said purpose.

5. Get your Article idea Approved by using a Guest Post Template

You need to contact the target Platforms and get your Article ideas approved by concerned people. You can send an Introduction Email for the purpose, the email that contains your introduction and the article idea.

On the other hand, to look more professional and land the Guest Post Opportunity, you should think about writing a customized Guest Post Template.

You can download my favorite Guest Post Template. A Guest Post template contains essential sections of information for smartly securing the Guest Post opportunity.

6. Write the Guest Post and Get Published

Once you get your article idea approved by Editors at the target publications, it’s time to Write your Guest Post.

Make sure you deliver your best work. My favorite method is to offer Editing and Posting to CMS services to Editors. In addition to it, your piece should possess characteristics of a Perfect Blog Post. Also, analyze the format and structure of the articles at the target publication.

Along with checking Grammatical Errors and Editing at the end, pay special attention to Facts, Concept, and Value in the article. Not only mentioned facts improve the quality of your Guest Posts, but also help you land the Guest Post Opportunity fast.

Offer High Paying Guest Post Services

Once you get published on Top Platforms, you can Command High Rates by offering Guest Post Services on published Platforms. In this case, you can offer services in normal Cold Pitches.

Mostly, you can write Guest Posts for clients as a Ghostwriter. In this case, you write the Guest Post and publish it with the client name on the target platforms.

1. Find the Prospective Clients for the Guest Post Services

You can find the clients for the Guest Post Opportunities by using the Google. Type in your Niche Keyword, and collect sites from the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs).

Once you collect your target sites, you can pitch your Guest Post Services, and mention top platforms in the Pitch Email. The more a target site has a high Domain Authority, the more you can command High Rates.

2. Pitch your Guest Post Services

You need a specific Guest Post Pitching Template for the purpose. A Guest Post Template consists of your introduction, expertise about Writing Guest Posts, Top platforms you have published on, and the strategy you will follow to get the clients business published on the mentioned platforms.

To increase your chances of closing a Guest Post Deal, make sure you mention several platforms, along with the proof of your published articles.

3. Close the Deal for several Guest Posts

As we discussed earlier, you can mention and offer Writing Guest Posts on several top platforms. In this case, once you mention the top platforms, you can decide on and command High Rates on the basis of the Domain Authority of the target websites.

The point of impact is getting published on top platforms first and offer those sites in the Guest Post Services to clients. You can command High Rates, or decrease the rates a bit to secure more Guest Post Opportunities.

4. Repeat the Process and Secure more Clients

You have a strategy to get the Guest Post clients. Get published on top platforms first, and offer the same services to Prospective Clients.

You can work on and offer the Guest Post Services only. Make sure you get your articles published on many top platforms. It will help you taste the target Editors, helping you get approved for the clients fast.


Get Published on Top Platforms and offer the Guest Post services to clients. You can secure clients that pay well because Big companies like to get published on top publications.

Find the Software Product-Based companies on Google. Search your target Niche or Software companies, analyze websites and see their published sections. Once completed, you can offer the Guest Post services, and mention the platforms they are missing in their published sections.

You can repeat the same process and secure more clients. Make sure you get your articles published on lots of sites. Not only it helps you taste the target Editors, but also helps to offer the sites in your Guest Post Services to clients.

How I Closed a Deal of $800 at the Start of my Freelance Writing Career

Back in May 2017, I started my career as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. I have been writing for companies in niches such as Technology, Information Security, and Web Tools.

To date, I have cashed lots of payments writing as a Living Freelance Writer. My journey as a Writer has taught me rules sufficient for a Beginner to success.

In this write-up, I am going to describe my strategy of How I Closed a deal of $800 at the Start of my Freelance Writing Career.

Pay particular attention to stepwise procedure, actionable facts, and suggestions. I have defined the exact blueprint in easy-to-follow steps.

Close High Paying Deals at the Start of your Freelance Writing Career

1. Work on your Foundation and Credibility FIRST

There are TWO requirements before you start your career as a Freelance Writer, Foundation and Credibility.

Foundation means Online Assets that show your professional career such as Portfolio Website, Professional Email Address, and Social Profiles. While Credibility demonstrates your skills as a Writer, such as Getting Published on Third Party Top Platforms such as Thrive Global, Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.

To get started, start by buying a Hosting and Domain Name to build your Foundation. After you buy Hosting and Domain Name, you can create your portfolio website as a Writer.

Also, make sure you create a Professional Email Address by logging into cPanel of your Hosting Account. A professional Email ID is referred to as one under your newly created Domain Name, and helps you look professional as a Freelance Writer.

In the same manner, the importance of Credibility cannot be overlooked. Fire up Google, search for your Niche Keyword along with Contributor Guidelines. You can come up with sites that accept Guest Posts. Pick 3-5 sites and Get Published by following Contributor Guidelines properly.

2. Compile a Prospective List on the basis of your Niche or Past Clients

Compiling a list of Prospective Clients that contains my Niche specific sites, or similar sites like my Past clients, helped me close a deal of $800 at the start of my Career.

Searching and compiling a list of the Niche specific sites or sites similar to Past clients help complete the next steps properly, the step of Writing a Killer Cold Pitching email.

To find Niche related sites, you can use the Google. On Google, you can search for your Niche Keyword and compile a list of Niche sites. To make more significance, you can find more sites by using the Google Related Operator, by typing

In the same manner, to find sites similar to Past clients, use the previously mentioned Google Related Operator. Pick a past client’s site address, put in the Related command and collect sites from the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs).

Make sure you complete the step correctly, as Niche sites or sites related to Past clients help you write winning proposals that help you close high paying deals at the start of your Writing Career.

3. Write Client Customized Proposals and Cold Pitching Emails

The point of impact is Writing Customized Proposals for the clients. In this case, you conduct research and write client-tailored Cold Pitching Emails to increase your chances of closing a prominent Writing Deal.

To get started, download my favorite sample of a client-customized cold pitching email.

To write customized proposals, you need to find out the niche of the target client, a concern with the client, current state of the client content, the facts you can apply to improve client’s business, and the case studies of how you did the same for the previous clients.

To find client’s Niche, enter the Client’s Domain Name in the Google. You can see the Site Title and Description on Google that tell you about the site Niche. Similarly, to find the concern with the content, you can state about searching client’s site for research on a similar topic.

In the same manner, give an idea of how the content at the client’s site can be improved. Also, state your plan for improving of the site’s content and provide case studies of your Result Driven work for the past clients.

4. Satisfy the Client and Close the Deal

Successful Deals are backed by Client satisfaction. At the start, when you start negotiating with the client, the point of impact is how you satisfy the Prospective Client and close the Deal.

Personally, I focus on making clients feel inspired by my Skills and Services. I focus on writing emails in details, conduct research about the client’s business, compile a quote for the client, share my past clients, success stories, and the strategy I use to carry out to bring value in the Client’s Business.

Also, when I negotiate with the Client, I don’t focus on securing the project. Instead, I care about inspiring clients by providing an honest review of how they can improve their business with quality content.

In addition to it, I also focus on offering Free contributions if I feel the client is interested. By doing this, not only I have successfully secured long-term clients, but also see Guest Post opportunities that helped me spread my value as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

5. Deliver Great Value on Time

Recently, I compiled a Free List of Additional Facts for one of my clients. They started loving my services when saw me taking an extra interest in their company’s success.

When struggling for inspiring the client by delivering value, always focus on Time Deadlines, quality of work, Turn around durations, instructions, Monthly reports on a regular basis, suggestions, and extra interest in the Client Business Success.

In this regard, you can increase your service quality by offering image designing and optimization, posting content to client CMS, monthly reports that contain the work details, and suggestions to improve things like CMS and content optimization.

In the same manner, you can focus on finishing the projects before deadlines. Also, you can charge your clients at a discounted rate. Besides it, send Follow up Emails to show interest, Thank you emails, provide TWO samples of work, and ask questions about their business success regarding Content. It improves your professional image, credibility, and service quality as a Writer.


Making a Living as a Freelance Writer and Blogger needs TWO things, building your professional Foundation and Credibility as a Writer, and thinking about the Client’s Psychology to take actions that matter.

The Foundation phase requires investing money at the start. After building Foundation, getting published on Top Platforms takes a bit longer, from Days to Weeks. You can leverage getting published on small sites to proceed and get published on top platforms.

Compiling a Prospective List is exciting and fun. By using the Google Related Operator, you can find Prospective Businesses that increase your chances of success.

Focus on writing customized Cold Pitching Emails for the Prospective clients. You can inspire the clients this way and close writing deals fast.

Finally, you can inspire the clients after Writing the Email Template. You can deliver additional services, speak with confidence, and provide relevant suggestions to inspire the Prospective Clients.

Make a checklist of how you can deliver High Value, such as a list that contains extra services, optimization facts, and client involvement tactics.

From ZERO to $160 per Article: My Proven Method for Getting High Paying Clients

Honestly, I am going to change your Client Hunting routine. Listen, struggling to find one High Paying Client is better than having 10 Low Paying Clients.

I have been writing for more than 5 years now and learned about how the process of Prospecting Clients helps Writers take off their Writing Careers.

As always, I use to foucs on finding High Paying Clients. Since I experienced using my ways to get clients, I clear off the table and left the single most important strategy to find High Paying Clients.

In this write-up, I am going to break down the exact method I use to find and negotiate Content Based Roles with High Paying Clients. I have been using this strategy for a long time now and increased my Writing Income from $50 to $150 per article.

How I Find High Paying Clients and Increase my Writing Income Fast and Instantly

1. Pick the Past Clients that Paid well, or compile a list of Niche specific Prospective Clients

Recently, I picked up my Past client-sheet and offered a Guest Post campaign. My response rate was above 80%, and I closed deals with several clients fast.

In getting High Paying Clients case, I use to pick past clients that paid well. Even a single past client can play the role, leading me to find similar sites on Google.

I head to Google, use the Google Related Operator, and find similar sites. Specifically, I recompile my list and keep High Paying sites that deal in expensive business such as Products, Software, or Online Stores.

On the other hand, I find my Niche specific sites, High Paying sites. I do a research process to confirm my Prospects are High Paying ones. I proceed a bit further to ensure they will pay well, by looking at their Websites, Products and Services, About page, Team members, Pricing Table, and Support Center.

Yes, carrying out the exact TWO factors, finding similar sites to past clients that paid me well, and finding Niche specific High Paying businesses, form my High Paying Prospective Client List.

2. Conduct in-depth Research about Client Businesses, Content, and Team Members

In-depth Research includes finding out Client Business infrastructure, such as the number of Employees, Product line, Online reputation, Business Partners, Company age, Region, Pricing structure, and Product Niches.

You can search a company on Startup Databases such as Beta List or Product Hunt, and find the number of Employees. Similarly, product line refers to the number of products, Online presence on top platforms and Social Media, Business partners such as Affiliate companies, Niche, and Pricing information.

In the same manner, focus on Content-Based aspects such as regular updating of the Company Blog. You can find the Blog on the Official Company’s Website. Also, focus on the Authors contributing content to the Blog, and Blog updating frequency as well.

Finding Team Members plays a vital role in closing Deals with High Paying Clients. On the About Us page on the Official Website of a Company, you can see the Members, including Decision Makers like CEO, Founders, and Marketing Officers. People such as being mentioned take decisions regarding Content at the companies.

3. Pitching Cold Emails containing my Achievements, Expertise and Result Driven Case Studies

As usual, I try to inspire my Prospective Clients. To get started, I don’t care about sending out pitches with a sample template. Instead, I love using my Customized Email Template for the purpose.

After going through researching my Prospective clients, I craft the email that contains my Writing Achievements, such as Writing the Perfect Blog Posts for the past clients.

Regarding Writing Expertise, I include facts about my Cold Outreach Campaign for a past client. I demonstrate and share my experience regarding writing the perfect email series to capture and qualify for the Business Leads.

In the same manner, I share my case studies that contain the result-driven strategies with proof, screenshots, and client testimonials.

Along with the research about the client company, I put the said factors in the Cold Email Template. Honestly, once my Prospective Clients see me working for their company, without having a deal, they inspire and hit the Reply button, to start a conversation about the Content.

4. Negotiate and Offer a Trial or Contribution or a Result Based Contract

You can secure the Prospective Clients while negotiating for a mutual contract. However, you can step forward and offer a lead by favorable results or achievements.

In this case, you hit the client’s satisfaction mark by providing your best services regardless of getting paid. In this case, I have experienced most clients close a Result-Based Contract.

As a Professional Freelance Writer and Blogger, you must know your claim. You must act to make things come true as decided and proceed to claim your Monthly deals with the clients.

On the other hand, you can contribute such as Writing and Posting an article to client’s Business Blog. It helps you demonstrate your skills to attract the Prospective Clients.

To make things more apparent to the client and increase your chances of closing a deal, you can state the client no obligation if the results are not delivered on time. For sure, you can clarify to clients about no fees in case of no results on the table.

5. Deliver Great Value

Negotiating ends, your turn now. Delivering great value on Time attracts the clients to your writing services. To get started, you should compile a list of Over Delivered Facts for your Prospective Clients. You can also download my checklist for delivering great value to clients and keep long-term work flowing into pockets.

To name a few facts, you can deliver projects before the deadline mark. Also, pay particular attention to fast turnaround times.

Similarly, when negotiating with Prospective Clients, don’t focus on securing the projects at the start. Instead, focus on delivering satisfaction to the client. You can ask questions, give suggestions, and share relevant materials to help the client decide and close writing deals.

Along with decided rate, you can deliver additional services regardless of increasing your rates. It serves as a surprise and sounds like you care about the client business and success.

In the same manner, you can deliver Two samples of projects on the initial try. Besides it, provide images and create a sample Infographic. Also, offer to post the articles to Client’s Blog CMS such as WordPress.

6. Follow Up and Close a Monthly Deal

I Follow up the clients after delivering my previously promised results. It was decided the base for closing a real monthly deal.

In this case, I focus on building a relationship and close deals in a friendly manner. The client has the proof now, and I need to carry out connections to proceed and close long-term projects.

Personally, once I deliver achievements as a contributor, I offer more additional services to attract the Prospective clients and close a long-term partnership. To make things even more attractive, I offer more value regardless of asking for increasing my rates.

Moreover, the exciting part comes when I offer the client even more additional services if the client agrees to close a Monthly deal. I have seen this work for me, and once I close a long-term or Monthly deal, I stay focused, and deliver my best work to the Client. In addition to it, at the end of the month, I step forward at the time of sending an invoice and ask before sending one. It helps me build a healthy relationship with the clients for a long-term partnership.


Getting High Paying Clients is an Art. As a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger, I have experienced trying lots of ways to close deals, but found the way defined in this article working for me, all the times.

The point of impact is searching for High Paying Clients, Write Customized Emails for the Prospective Clients, Feel them Satisfied by working with you, Offer value regardless of asking for Rates, deliver value, and close Monthly Deals.

Once you go through this process for a single client, and secure the project, you will be able to make it possible for every Prospective Client.

As you go with the process, you can find High Paying Clients. You will also feel having a single High Paying Client is better than working for lots of Low Paying Clients.

Change Your Life Overnight with Proven Freelance Writing Tips for Beginners

Freelance Writing can make you a Living Income. You can cash your Writing skills and make your life more comfortable than a traditional job.

If you write and use the Internet, you have come to the right place. In this write-up, I am going to tell you about developing a Writing Career, and building a successful Writing Business online.

You can use my Tips as a Beginner, or as an Advanced Writer. To me, I have been writing since 2015 now and following these Tips on a regular basis.

Till now, I have cashed lots of payments from the clients. The Tips defined in this Article give you proper knowledge regarding earning as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Freelance Writing Tips for Beginners

1. Learn about the Freelance Writing Strategy

To succeed as a Living Freelance Writer, you do need to follow a specific strategy. The strategy contains following rules that make up your journey as a Writer and help you build your successful career.

You can read about a strategy that works for the Freelance Writers and Bloggers. This strategy outlines your steps as a Writer, from start to keep working successfully and build a Living as an Internet Writer.

Focus on the strategy steps from start to finish. You can start by making up your Foundation as a Writer, and then proceed to the Credibility phase. Next, you head to defining your Rates, learn the client prospecting process, and Tracking and Improving your business success. To read an actionable checklist regarding Writing strategy, Download my personal swipe file.

To get started as a Living Writer, completing the required steps take time, from a month to Two months. Make sure you focus on steps properly, take necessary actions on time, and keep improving your Writing Business with the passage of time.

2. Fulfill the Strategy Requirements

The strategy starts from building Foundation as a Writer. This phase contains building a Writer Website that provides relevant materials to clients that serve as a Portfolio.

You can proceed to Get Published on top platforms such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Huffington Post. Once you get your Articles published on the mentioned platforms, you can start searching for the clients. As defined above, you can proceed to the next steps, determining Rates, Prospecting for Clients, and Tracking your results.

Focus on every single step, properly. It is recommended to start after arranging the initial investment to create your Writer Portfolio Website.

Don’t take much time in steps. Do your best, learn from mistakes, and proceed to the next steps. It will help you build your career fast.

Once you complete the basic checklist of the Strategy and start earning some money by Writing, you can improve your strategy facts, such as your Portfolio Website, increasing your Rates, Searching for High Paying Clients, and improve your Writing Career.

3. Build your Credibility, Get Published on Top Platforms

Getting published on top platforms significantly helps you boost your Writing Career. At this stage, you write good articles and pitch the right platforms for getting published.

To get started, find sites that accept Guest Post Contributions. You can find sites on Google, or find lists of sites that accept Guest Posts. After having sites, read their Contribution Guidelines. Craft an Article idea, approve it from the concerned Editors and get your piece published on the platforms.

Focus on creating catchy Headlines and awesome Article ideas. It increases your chances of getting your Text published on the platforms. Besides it, always keep learning and improving your Business Writing skills.

Also, learn to leverage your low hanging fruits, that means getting published on Top platforms by leveraging your credibility on small ones.

You can also find sites in your Niche. Fire up Google, search for your Niche Keyword, along with the phrase Contributor Guidelines, and you can collect sites that accept Guest Post Contributions in your Niche.

4. Decide on your Rates

Defining your Rates is vital at the start of your Writing Career. It helps you plan for the Tasks and helps you earn your Monthly Income Goal.

Take all factors into account that contribute to the Rates, such as Time, Resources, worked required, region, and type of work.

Rates affect your performance. For example, if you manage FIVE low paying clients in a month, you have a lot of work to earn by Writing. On the other hand, improving your skills and working for a single or Two high paying clients hits your Monthly Income Goal.

You can also increase your rates at a later time. If you keep learning new skills as a Writer and Blogger, you can command high rates. In this regard, come up with the results and inspire the prospective clients to close long-term partnerships.

You can also offer additional services to secure long-term plans. Additional services include posting articles to CMS, optimizing the existing articles, and carrying out Content Marketing on a regular basis.

5. Learn Prospecting for Clients

Client Prospecting is an Art. It is the process of searching for clients to close the Writing Deals.

In this process, clients are searched with Google. You can compile a Prospective List by searching your main Niche Keyword on Google. This process outlines collecting client websites for the Cold Pitching. You can also search for the clients on the company Database sites such as LinkedIn.

On Google and LinkedIn, you can use the Filter option to narrow down your search. You can find prospects by country, company type, or number of Employees.

Client Prospecting also consists of finding out the prospects contact information. The Prospects are contacted for closing mutual partnerships such as Content Management.

There are the paid company Databases as well. You can avail paid services to buy the Prospect Lists, containing the contact information, including Name, Position, Email Address, and Company Website.

To manually find the contact information, you can land on the official websites of the Prospect clients. Once loaded, use the Email Finding Extensions such as Email Hunter to find the contact information.

6. Decide on your Monthly Earning Target and Track your Results

Deciding on a Monthly Earning Target is important which helps you keep your Writing Career progressive. Besides it, Tracking your Results helps you pinpoint improvement areas in your Writing Business.

Once you decide on a Monthly Earning Plan, you can forecast your monthly Task Schedule. You can plan the Prospecting process, Clients Management, and Daily Routine. Along with Earning schedule, Tracking your performance helps you make decisions and hit your Monthly Earning marks.

To achieve your Monthly Earning Mark, you should decide on a reasonable rate. After the rates, you can forecast the number of clients you need to find and close deals each month.

In the same manner, while Tracking your results, make sure to measure results on a daily basis. Keep doing so on a regular basis and improve the necessary facts.

Eventually, you need to decide the total number of Clients you need, Rates, and Payment routine. Also, focus on searching for high paying clients and close long-term partnership deals.

7. Master the Negotiating Art

It is important to close more deals on a Monthly basis. You can improve your Negotiating Art by thinking about Human Psychology.

You can think as a Client who needs Freelance Writing Services that help them achieve results. It helps you forecast the client expectation and improve your services accordingly.

While negotiating with clients, show confidence to inspire clients. Also, demonstrate your expertise, give proofs, share the result driven facts, and offer support.

You can close more deals by inspiring clients of your services. Once they feel you can work and draw results for their business, you can close deals fast.

I will suggest closing Monthly Deals with Clients. It helps you for Two reasons, you can work with more focus, and you don’t need to search for more clients. Also, with a single or Two high paying clients, you can hit your Monthly Earning Mark easily, instead of working for many low paying clients. Top Paying Clients pay well as compared to Low Paying Ones with lots of management.

8. Close Writing Deals like a Boss

With confidence and result driven strategies, you can close deals like a Boss. You can get confidence by Two means, sharpen your skills and learn more strategies, and come up with reliable results.

To have a taste of how to improve your skills, you can see the portfolio of other Writers. In the same manner, you can offer additional services. Similarly, to come up with the results, you can implement and conclude robust strategies.

Always use your past experience as a plus point, including Past clients, Case studies, and client Testimonials. On the other hand, you can leverage the Published Guest Posts to claim Authority and Credibility in a specific Niche.

To secure clients, offer volunteer support before sending in Project Proposals to prospective clients. Once the Prospects see you implementing strategies and achieve results, Prospects can head to close deals quickly.

Also, pay particular attention to deliver more results than expected. Always keep improving your services, send Monthly reports along with Forecasts, and Thank you Emails upon payments.

9. Deliver Great Value

The lifetime of your Writing Career depends on regularly offering great value to clients. It helps them achieve results and helps you close long-term projects.

As a Freelance Writer and Blogger, you should focus on providing additional services, such as Edits, Posting to CMS, Images, SEO optimization, and Content Marketing. By delivering Additional services, you can deliver great value to clients.

To get started, create a checklist of over delivering Facts. Download my personal favorite checklist for Over Delivering my Freelance Writing Services.

Along with providing additional services, you can send in Monthly reports, Case studies, offer suggestions and mention the results of your work.

You can also surprise the clients by doing more than decided. You can exceed the word count for the Articles, write more write-ups than the decided number, and come up with additional documents along with the Articles.

Focus on fast Turnaround time as well. It helps you keep your clients satisfied and happy. Fast Turnarounds help you build your professional foundation as a Writer.

10. Improve your Career and develop a Freelance Writing Business

You have the working strategy to succeed as a Writer. You can proceed and learn new things to improve the strategy, and develop your Freelance Writing Business.

Building a Career as a Writer makes a difference regarding Income, Credibility, and Professionalism. Not only you can earn more by providing services, but also can learn new skills and increase your Rates.

In this regard, you can improve your Writing, Negotiating, Portfolio websites, Writing samples, and write more Guest Posts.

Focus on keeping the improvement routine for life. It gives your career a take off from the ground and helps you build your professional Writing Career fast.

To build a Writing Business, you need to keep Writers on the board. Tune in your Client Prospecting routines and close more deals. It will help you expand your business, as well as earn more by providing diverse services to clients. Also, you can focus on Content Marketing that enables you to speak about your business on Top Platforms such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.


Pick a working strategy to work as a Freelance Writer and Blogger, and stick to it for the Life. Make sure you complete the strategy ingredients properly.

Focus on improving yourself as a Writer, including Writing, Portfolio, and the Services you offer to clients.

Master the Client Prospecting process and close more deals to earn more with Writing online. Also, create an Earning Benchmarks list and plan your Tasks accordingly.

Negotiate properly with confidence. Don’t let the client go away. Provide satisfaction, result driven facts, and case studies about your success as a Writer.

Always deliver exceptional value on Time. The professional attitude can turn short-term clients into loyal ones. In addition to it, keep improving your Writing career and build Professional Authority as a Writer and Blogger.

Top 10 Powerful Tools to Help You Succeed as a Freelance Writer and Blogger

  1. The right tools help you succeed in your Freelance Writing Career. Tools help you build your Foundation as a Writer, find resources, and improve your career with the passage of time.

In this article today, I am going to list down essential tools you need to succeed as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

Some of the tools help you start your career, the others help you improve and run your Writing Business.

Similarly, some tools are paid ones. By combining the Free and Paid tools, not only you can start your Career as a Writer, but also can improve and keep expanding your career.

Without further ado, I am diving deep into the topic. Focus, understand, and learn to build and improve your career with tools, the tools that help you take off from the ground and develop a successful Living Career as a Writer.

Tools to Succeed as a Freelance Writer and Blogger

1. Hosting Service

Hosting refers to server space on the Internet. To create your website, you need to buy a Hosting package. After you buy, you can upload your site files to Hosting account, and build your professional website.

Buying a Hosting package costs $5-10 on a Monthly basis. You can also obtain a Domain Name with the Hosting, or buy one separately. A Domain Name refers to an Internet Address used to access your website on the Internet.

With Hosting, along with creating your website, you can also upload files, host multiple websites under different Domain Names, and manage Remote Backups.

You can also obtain the Email Service with a Hosting package. The Email or Webmail helps you create your professional Email Address at your Domain Name.

Consider buying a Hosting plan that supports multiple sites. In this case, you can develop multiple websites on a single Hosting account. Here, you can use the same Hosting space for multiple websites, but you will need to buy separate Domain Names for each site you want to develop on the Hosting space.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a Grammar checking tool. It reserves one of the best positions in Grammar checking tools for the Writers.

Grammarly checks more than 400 English Errors in your writing, including Spellings, Grammar, Punctuation, Fluency, Vocabulary, Word order, and Sentence Structure.

Grammarly provides a Desktop application and a Chrome Plugin. After you install these facts, you can check your text for errors. The Chrome Plugin allows you to check text as you type in the Browser, while the Desktop application enables you to check your text on the Desktop.

Grammarly improves your English and helps you learn to spot out Grammar errors. To work as a Writer online, you need to use the Grammarly on a daily basis.

You can use the Grammarly Free package or buy a paid one. Grammarly Paid comes with 400+ checks at a cost of $15 per month.

Consider buying the Grammarly Paid to work smarter as a Writer. You can also avail discount packages on a timely basis. To improve your English, Grammarly is essential for a Freelance Writer and Blogger.

3. Payoneer

Payoneer is a Payment Gateway you can use to accept Payments from the clients. You can send invoice requests and receive payments right in your Payoneer Account.

After you finish working for clients, you can send the Payoneer invoices. The invoice outlines the purpose and description of the transaction, allows attaching invoice files, and provides paying by Payoneer Account, along with the Card options to pay.

With Payoneer, clients can pay you with their Payoneer accounts or use the Card option for the payments.

You can also use other tools for the invoicing purposes such as Paypal, Freshbooks, and Zoho Forms. All the tools allow you to receive payments right inside your account.

Payoneer serves best for the regions where Paypal or other payment services are not available. You can receive payments and withdraw to your local Bank Account in less than a week.

Payoneer stores your transactions, invoice requests, and shows periodical notifications about your account. You can also get a Payoneer Master Card to withdraw your funds at ATM locations.

4. Invoice Generating Tools

An Invoice outlines your services, rates, and allows the clients to pay you. To create professional looking invoices, you need to use Invoice Generating Tools such as Free Invoice Builder.

After you create your account, you can start creating professional Invoices. You can enter the required information in the Invoice such as Client information, Services, Rates, and your Contact information.

There are many Free Invoice Builders on the Internet. They all serve Invoice Generating Features and help you create and send attractive Invoices to clients.

At the time of sending Payment requests to clients, you can use Invoice Files to inspire the clients. Invoice Files are referred to PDF versions of your generated invoices. You can download the PDF invoice after you create one.

To help you manage mass payouts, you can use more technical Invoice systems such as Freshbooks. For a Beginner Freelance Writer and Blogger, using Free Invoicing Tools covers the gap. On the other hand, as a professional player, you can use the Paid invoicing services to send payment requests and receive money from your clients.

5. Social Media

Freelance Writers and Bloggers should make use of the Social Media. Not only you can build relationships, but also you can use Social Media for finding jobs, new opportunities, and carrying out client meetings.

You can search for the groups and lists for Freelance Writers. Freelance communities on Social Media help you explore new opportunities regarding your career.

You can also carry out Content Marketing on Social Media. In this case, LinkedIn Publishing Platform helps you publish articles in front of Prospective clients. In addition to it, you can use Quora, Facebook Groups, and Twitter Lists to attract potential clients.

As an individual Freelance Writer and Blogger, you can use the Social Media to search for jobs and attract the clients. You can also make use of Social Media Platforms to lead your community such as Writers and Bloggers.

To get started, create and make up your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and Pinterest. If you create ecourses, you must consider creating profiles on different platforms, and lead relevant communities of Writers and Bloggers.

6. Email Prospecting Tools

As a Client Hunter in the career, you need to use the Email Hunting or Prospecting Tools. These Tools are used to find the contact information of the Prospects.

Most of the Email Prospecting Tools such as Hunter and Voila Norbert require the Full name and Website address of the Prospects. Once provided, the tool finds the contact Email address of the concerned people.

Prospecting Tools also enable you to verify Bulk Email addresses. It means you can find valid Email addresses out of the Mass Email Database file such as an Excel sheet.

Use Google to compile a list of Prospective Clients. For example, search your target Keyword on Google and collect sites from the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs). Once you collect sites, you can make use of the Social Databases to find the people at the target sites. You can proceed to Email Hunting Tools to find the contact information.

On Google, use the Related Operator to find the similar websites, or use Similar Site Finders to find similar sites.

7. Optinmonster and Aweber

Optinmonster and Aweber help you build a professional Freelance Writing and Blogging career. Optinmonster helps you capture the Email Addresses while Aweber enables you to send emails to the audience.

You can buy the Optinmonster package to create forms that capture emails. You can create forms for various positions on your website, such as Sidebar. In the same manner, after buying the Aweber package, you can send one-time emails or set an automated email series. These services start at $12 and $19 per month respectively.

After you buy the packages, you can leverage the Website Traffic Sources such as LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, and Pinterest. High traffic to the website means capturing more email leads which ultimately leads you to sales and revenue.

In addition to leveraging the traffic sources for capturing more email leads, you can also write Guest Posts on top platforms such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Forbes. Guest Posts help you attract the relevant audience and build your Professional Authority fast.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive provides free Cloud Space with your Google Account. You can create your Google account and use Google Drive to host your files.

You can use Google Drive while delivering your Freelance Writing work to clients. The point of impact is that Google Drive provides hosting different types of files. Also, it helps you use other Google Services such as Google Sheets and Documents to edit your uploaded files in the Google Drive.

You can also consider using Google Drive alternatives such as Drop Box, Microsoft One Drive, and Bit Casa. By using these services, you can easily avail free space to store your files.

Not only you can use the Google Drive for hosting files and providing Editing opportunities to Clients, but also you can use Google Drive for Backing Up your files.

Another aspect you can consider when using the Google Drive, it provides Real-Time editing opportunity for the Team Members. You can avail this feature by inviting Team Members to edit or change the files hosted on the Google Drive.

9. Hemingway Application

Hemingway Application makes your writing bold and clear, easy to read and understand. It also helps you take care of SEO related factors such as Headings, Bulleted Lists, and Quotes.

You can improve your writing by using Hemingway Editor. It helps you check your text for improvements, as well as provides writing opportunity to enter text.

Making your text readable is vital as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. This process consists of spotting out Grammatical Errors, eliminating wordy phrases, and using of the Power words to make your text more attractive and emotional.

Hemingway also provides a Desktop Application. You can Download Hemingway Application for Windows or Mac operating system or try out service by using its Free version.

As discussed above, you can also make use of the Grammarly for improving your text. The Grammarly helps you improve your Text by checking for more than 400 errors, while you can specifically use the Hemingway Application to make your text more readable and easy to understand.

10. WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System used to build your Blog or Website. It is a Free and Open Source CMS to create professional websites.

You can get started by Downloading the WordPress package. Once finished, you can upload to Hosting account and create your website.

With WordPress, you can develop One-Page websites easily, or develop a Blog that hosts your latest posts. As a Freelance Writer and Blogger, using the WordPress to create your Blog is one of the most important tasks in your career.

In addition to it, you can Learn and Master the WordPress. From start to finish learning WordPress, you can learn using the WordPress Dashboard which provides basic and advanced settings for your site.

You can also design your Portfolio and Blog sites without having coding skills. You can achieve the said criteria by Drag and Drop interface and uploading different WordPress Themes and Plugins.

In the same manner, you can also add contributors to your WordPress, and allow them to contribute content to your WordPress website.


Pick the Right Tools and map your success as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. By using the WordPress, you can also manage to create several sites on the same Hosting package, accessible at different Domain Names.

Focus on defined tools in this article and develop your Writer Portfolio Website, improve your Writing, Create invoices, receive Payments from the clients, use Social Media, learn Prospecting clients, engage the audience, and host Client’s Files.

As a Beginner Writer, you can make use of the Free Tools, but as you proceed to earn by writing, Paid Tools improve your career on a Professional Level.

To make a difference in your career, compile a daily checklist for various factors defined in this article and keep routines to sharpen your career, such as Posting several times on Social Media and sending 20 Cold Pitching Emails on a daily basis.

Use My Tested Methods for Writing an Article in 2 Hours

I work as a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger. I start my day with going through the process of Writing an Article.

I have come across different ways to write an article. I used to fail creating a brilliant piece of article.

After I wrote lots of articles, I came across a process that works like a charm. In this write-up, I am going to put words down on the paper, and help you learn a process that shines your Writing Creativity.

You may find things sound familiar, but promise me one thing; you have to focus and follow my method. The point of impact is that you can write an article with ease, focus, time, and quality.

Writing an Article in 2 Hours

1. Come up with an Article Idea

The first thing is knowing about your Topic. Once you decide on a topic, you are clear for crafting a winning Headline.

You can visit other relevant Blogs to taste and create your topic idea. You can also create new ideas by searching the Google for your main Niche Keyword, and have a taste of other Blog’s content.

In this regard, Google Trends and Buzz Sumo can help you. By using the Google Trends, you can see the trendy topics over-time periods. Similarly, Buzz Sumo allows you to type in a keyword and see the viral content on the Internet.

Besides using the tools to find new Article ideas, you can manually create new topics. Write down your main Keyword on the paper, and come up with the ideas you feel are important.

In addition to it, use specific platforms to find new article ideas. One of such websites is the Quora, a Question Answer Based site. Go to Quora, search for your main Keyword, and find ideas by analyzing different Quora questions.

2. Make Outlines

Write down the main points in your Article. If you want to see the main points for your article, you can type in your Keyword in Quora and analyze the questions.

Another way is to use Google for making outlines. Search for your main idea on Google and analyze the Articles on Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs). You can also pay attention to finding similar sites on Google and make outlines by looking at other Blog’s content.

One of my favorite ways is to think about your experience. If you are going to write about something you have experienced, the best way to create outlines is to think and feel the topic.

Also, I have seen experts using Keyword Research Tools to find new ideas and create outlines. You can use the Uber Suggest for finding out new content ideas.

In this regard, you can also make use of the Google Suggest. Google Suggest helps you find related content based on entering the main Keyword.

Put in the main Keywords in the Google and find detailed outlines at the bottom of the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs).

3. Break up Outlines into Parts

As a Reader, ask Questions from yourself and break up the main points into small parts. It will help you expand your outlines with the Reader’s Psychology.

To dive deep into the matter, you can take small parts from the Quora and Reddit. Quora and Reddit help you dig topics in details, as these platforms contain communities that discuss different Niche Topics.

As discussed before, you can also use the Google Suggest. Although we discussed Google Suggest for creating the main outlines, it also helps you divide outlines into small parts; by searching the main suggestions from the Google Suggest, and note down the lists at the bottom.

Another fantastic source to get small ideas and make outlines parts, Amazon eBooks help you see the Books’ outlines. Go to Amazon, search your main Article idea, browse the books and have a look at the eBooks’ outlines.

In the same manner, searching the main Headline of the Article on Google gives you the ranked articles. Open up the Top 10 articles, and carefully analyze the content to break down outlines into small parts.

4. Research Outlines and Small Parts

Read similar articles on different platforms such as Google, Twitter, Content Aggregation Platforms, Medium, Niche Blogs, and Buzz Sumo.

For Research purposes, you can head to Google Books, Presentation Databases, and Research Papers.

Find relevant Facts to support your Article contents. You can find Facts on Google, Research Papers, Wiki Pedia, Case Studies, and Content Aggregation Platforms such as All Top, Blog Engage, and Biz Sugar.

Use Google Advanced Operators to find targeted search results. Type in Google, the phrases that show personal Success Stories of the people. Read people’s stories, and note down their personal achievements that contain Statistical Facts regarding your Article Topic.

You can also use different platforms for researching your article ideas. For example, you can use the YouTube to watch people telling their stories. Similarly, you can find top sites under various Niches, search the sites for the targeted case, and collect facts from the Real people.

On Social Media, use your connections to research and collect Facts for your articles. To proceed, you can filter your contacts by skills. Ask for the required materials from contacts having the particular knowledge you need at the moment.

5. Write the Article

Now it’s time to put the words down on the paper. You have created Outlines and collected relevant Facts, proceed and start writing the article.

Decide on the Word Count, and divide it on the total number of outline parts. In this way, you can forecast the required word count you have to write on each outline part.

Pick the parts one by one, and write down the main concept in a Sentence or a small Paragraph. Make sure you put in a single concept per Sentence and Paragraph.

It is vital to Focus on Writing only. Now, you can understand the value of creating outlines at the start of Writing an Article. It means you can’t focus on Thinking while you Write.

While you write, do not use the Internet if possible. It distracts your Focus on Writing.

To make sure you write within the Time duration, don’t exceed the word count per outline part. Leave all the Editing routines to the end of the Article, so that you complete writing the article with ease and focus.

6. Edit the Article

Editing an Article is interesting. My favorite method is to print out the article and read, then go through a Grammar checking tool such as Grammarly. It helps you use your knowledge, as well as learn from the industry-leading tools.

Read over and over again and notice down small Grammatical Errors in your article.

After you complete going through the basic Grammar checking routines, speak aloud your article. It is vital and helps you note down errors in a natural way.

Now comes in the Reader. You should also read your article as a Reader. What it means is to analyze the Reader’s expectation in the text, and improve your writing once you feel something is missing in the concept.

Now, the next step contains going through an Editing Checklist. As a Writer, you must have an Editing Checklist to go through before finalizing an Article. You can download my favorite Editing Checklist.

To finalize your article, you can hire an Editor. My personal method is to work closely with Editors and get help improving my Articles.

7. Speak Aloud your Article Text

Speaking your Article text aloud before hitting the Publish button is often overlooked by most Writers. It really helps because speaking is a natural process, and you can point out if your article misses the natural tone, and improve as well.

You can go through the speaking process yourself. You can also use the tools for the said purpose, such as Natural Readers. Text to Speech tools help you convert your Text into Audio formats.

You can also ask your friends to speak your article aloud. For the same purpose, you can hire someone on the Freelance Bidding sites such as Fiverr.

While listening or reading your article, make sure considering the Readers Psychology and Expectations. If you feel something is missing in the write-up, make a note and update your article later.

One of the important aspects of speaking your Text aloud is to notice the Grammar weaknesses such as Wordy Phrases. You can quickly pinpoint the wordy phrases in the article text, and convert them into words that speak gently.

8. Improve your Article

Improving your article phase is different from Editing. It contains removing natural errors found in the Speaking Phase, such as Prepositional weaknesses, Vocabulary, Word choice, and putting in the Conciseness in the text.

Recheck Grammar after making edits. If possible, you can read, speak, and recheck your text with Grammarly.

In this regard, eliminate wordy phrases to create conciseness in the article. Also, focus on using Native specific sentences in the text.

To embed emotional power in the article, use the Phrasal Verbs and Power Words. Use words that create emotional feelings in the Reader’s mind, and help them decide and take action.

Include beneficial facts in the Article Text. It includes relevant facts, images, graphics, additional downloads, supportive files, and discussion topics.

You can also make your text speak your style by designing customized images. In this regard, an Infographic plays an important role.

Pay particular attention to Search Engine Optimization. Include Long-Term Keyword phrases in the text. Use plugins such as Yoast SEO for creating SEO optimized content.

9. Set the Format, check Facts, and include Download Links to support Materials

Use an easy to scan format for your articles. Make use of the proper Headings and Tags. It helps you improve your SEO Ranking and User Engagement.

Regarding SEO, you can use Tags inside Tags. Google loves formats organized with proper Tags and Headlines. You can manually adjust the Text format for SEO; however, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin for the said purpose.

Focus on providing supportive documents in the form of Downloadable Links. You can place Anchor Text Links inside your Text, or create a separate section for Article Resources at the end.

Check and verify the Facts contained in the article. Make links to Fact sources. To make sure you are heading in the right direction, verify the Facts from multiple sources on the Internet.

Include other people in your article and use Social Media Platforms to acknowledge their work. It helps you engage relevant people. In a single article of 1000 words, you can include 20 people in the Text, engage them, and increase your chances of making new connections.

10. Run an Optimization Checklist

You are clear for finishing your article. In the end, run an Optimization checklist to ensure the quality of your text.

An Optimization checklist contains facts about SEO, Grammar, Facts, Format, Resource Citation, Images, and proper Links to credible sources, both Internal and External links.

You can compile your own Optimization Checklist as a writer. Compiling an Optimization checklist depends on your knowledge and study.

To proceed, re-read your Article and notice the improvement points. Make changes; focus on the Format, and create relevant Media.

Make sure your article is shareable easily. Set the Share Buttons on your Blog content.

Keep your Text Readable. Write the Introduction at the start of the article. It clarifies the Theme and Topic of the Article, along with the content of the Text.

Tell your story if necessary. Also, focus on providing checklists for actionable routines defined in the Article. You can also use the Bulleted Lists in your article, focus on Sentence Structure, include Quotes, and share your Result Driven Strategy for doing a specific Task.


Writing an Article is an Art. You can improve your Writing skills by Reading, Writing regularly, and focusing on Editing skills. You can also learn from Grammar Tools such as Grammarly.

Focus on a single Task at a time such as Writing on a specific small point in the Article. It helps you keep focus and finish your Article easily.

Precisely, you can improve your Article Writing by creating a catchy Headline first, arranging Outlines, Researching the points, Writing the Article, Editing the Text, and Improving the Text before hitting the Publish button.

In the same manner, keep Reading other Bloggers and Writers. Make a list of the Top Platforms, Read Articles, and learn the way Top Writers write on the Internet.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Like a Boss

I have a secret for you about Freelance Writing Jobs.

Learn ways that work and close Writing Deals fast.

Back in May 2017, I closed a deal of $800 at the start of my Freelance Writing Career. Pay special attention to Cold Pitching, Guest Posts, Search Engines, and Blogging.

As a Living Freelance Writer and Blogger, I use to search for jobs on a regular basis. By mastering different ways, I earned a living in the past year.

To be honest, I am serious about you and want to teach you ways that really work.

Focus on learning my proven ways to find Writing Gigs. You can also download resources for each of the ways defined in this write-up.

Find Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Cold Pitching

Back at the start of my Writing Career in May 2017, Cold Pitching helped me close a deal of $800.

Cold Pitching consists of sending out Service Based Emails to Prospective clients.

Create your Professional Email Address by buying a Hosting package and a Domain Name. After completion, you can log into Hosting cPanel and create your Professional Email Address.

The next step is Compiling a Prospect List on Google. Search for your Niche keyword, and collect sites. You can also use the Google Related operator to find similar websites and increase your Prospect List.

Proceed by writing a Cold Pitching Template. A Template contains your Introduction, Services, and Rates, that you can customize for different clients.

Proceed and Download the Follow up Email Template that helped me increase my Response Rate significantly fast. Send a Follow Up email after Three days of no response from the Prospects; send the second one after another Three days, and the last one after Seven days of no answer.

2. Job Boards

Job Boards are sites that post Writing Jobs on a regular basis. On Pro Blogger Job Board, I got my first application accepted at the start of my career.

You can apply for the jobs on Job Boards, 3-5 on a daily basis which increases your chances of getting a Writing Job.

Download my favorite list of Job Boards. My file contains the hand-picked Job Boards for Freelance Writers and Bloggers.

Browse Job Boards and apply for 5-10 jobs on a daily basis. To find employment suited for your career level, use the Filter option on the Job Board sites. Also, focus on crafting a professional, winning Cover Letter. Download my favorite Cover Letter that helped me land Writing Clients on the Job Boards.

Follow the instructions when applying for the jobs. Also, focus on making up your Credibility as a Freelance Writer and Blogger. Get published on top platforms such as Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Entrepreneur. In the same manner, offer contribution to Open Source community and write eBooks.

3. Websites that Pay Writers

On Google or using the networking sites, you can find Sites that Pay Writers. Such sites help you provide Paid Writing Opportunities by accepting Paid Guest Post contributions.

Find sites on Google by searching for Sites that Pay Writers. Leverage your Professional Credibility and pitch your Article idea.

Download my favorite list of Sites that Pay Writers. Also, use Google Related operator to search for sites that accept Paid Guest Post contributions.

Read Guidelines carefully. By reading and giving importance to factors being defined in the guidelines, you can increase the chances of getting your pitch accepted by concerned Editors.

To proceed, you need a winning Guest Post Template. You can create yourself, or Download one from the Writers in Charge website. A template helps you describe your Guest Post accurately, and helps you win the Writing Gig by attracting the target Publication Editors.

You can send the Follow Up Emails for your Article ideas. Like Cold Pitching, follow the same 3-3-7 formula for the Sites that Pay Writers.

4. Social Media

Social Media platforms help you find Writing Jobs on a daily basis. You can browse relevant job ads, content, and job groups to find Writing Gigs on Social Media.

Join several Social Media platforms and browse on a daily basis. It will help you cover job ads posted at different times throughout the day.

Create your professional profile on Social Media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Quora.

Browse Social Media platforms on a daily basis. Apply for 3-5 jobs on a regular basis. The more you apply for jobs on Social Media, the more you can land clients fast.

Join relevant job groups on Social Media platforms. Go for the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, Twitter lists, and Pinterest Boards.

Keep improving your profile. Also, share helpful content, participate in discussions, and help others. It will help you build your audience, network, and referring agents for getting Writing Gigs fast.

Contact your fellow Writers, send Follow Up emails, and offer volunteer support to build initial relationships with Potential clients.

5. Guest Posts

Guest Posts refer to articles you write on other Blogs and Websites. Guest Posts help you come in front of a relevant audience and potential clients.

You can also find sites on the Google, by searching your Niche keyword, along with the Guest Post opportunities.

Go to Google and type in “Digital Marketing” Guest Post. You can collect sites that accept Guest Posts in Digital Marketing niche.

Also, use the Google Related Operator to find similar sites that accept Guest Posts. You can also see lists on other sites, lists of sites that accept Guest Posts.

Read Contributor Guidelines carefully, and craft Guest Post ideas based on the Platforms content, trends, and Keyword requirements.

After the research, craft ideas and use a Guest Post Template to send your Article ideas to target publications. Download the proven Guest Post Template that works like a charm.

Send Follow Ups on a routine basis. Follow the 3-3-7 Follow up routine for the purpose, and proceed with Editor’s instructions to get your Guest Posts published on the top platforms.

6. Craigslist

Craigslist is a site holding ads in different categories such as Housing, Jobs, Sales, Community, and Discussion Forums.

Craigslist helps you search for the Writing Gigs and apply right on the Craigslist platform.

Select Career Level Assignments and apply for the jobs by using the Craigslist’s Reply feature.

Always follow the instructions defined in the Craigslist ads.

Browse Craigslist on a daily basis. Applying for 3-5 jobs on a regular basis increases your chances of getting your application accepted.

Create Job Alerts on Craigslist. You can find the said option in the Craigslist account features. Search for your desired job phrase, save the search, and turn the Alerts option on in the Craigslist account.

Use a Professional Cover Letter when applying for the jobs. Follow the Job Descriptions carefully, as sometimes, candidates are asked to follow specific medium for the Job Applications, such as Email or a Contact Form on the Employer’s website.

You can also Follow Up the Employer. Make sure following the 3-3-7 formula when sending out Follow Up Emails.

7. Bidding Websites

Bidding sites refer to those having jobs open for the Bidding. People from all over the world bid on the jobs, and close Writing Gigs right on the Bidding Platform.

Proceed and open an account, verify your account, pass tests to claim professionalism, and bid on jobs on a regular basis.

Bidding sites need a professional track record for the success. It includes a profile on the site, positive reviews, skills, and certifications listed on the profile.

To proceed, create your profile on Bidding sites. Make sure you download my favorite list of Bidding sites for the Writers.

Fill in the details on your profile. Include all relevant information, such as Introduction, Websites, Certifications, Writing Samples, and Contact information.

Participate in Bidding on a regular basis, and apply for 3-5 jobs on a daily basis. You can increase your job acceptance by focusing on writing winning proposals, skills, and delivering value on time.

With the passage of time, keep improving your profile, and focus on delivering your best services to clients.

8. Search Engines

Search Engines help you find jobs regardless of specific platforms such as Bidding sites.

You can find Writing Jobs on Search Engines by searching for job-related queries and Niche keywords.

To master Google search, learning to use Google Advanced Operators helps you find new jobs from authenticated sources and official websites.

Proceed and compile a list of Job Titles for Freelance Writers. Search Google for the said terms, along with using the Google Advanced Commands to find targeted jobs.

To succeed at Search Engine Jobs, use a Professional Cover Letter. Also, focus on applying for 5-10 jobs on a daily basis.

You can also use the Google Related feature to find relevant results on Google. It also helps you find similar sites regarding Freelance Writing Jobs.

You can send Follow Up emails for getting Employer’s responses. In this case, making connections on Social Media leads you to make contact with the target concerned Employers. Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for establishing relationships with concerned Employers and Marketing Managers.

9. Job Search Engines

Like Search Engines such as Google, you can make use of the Job Search Engines. With Job Search Engines, you can find jobs on multiple job sources.

Job Search Engines browse lots of job sites for your entered search term, helping you save time and find relevant jobs fast.

Use Indeed and Career Jet to find Writing jobs. While searching for jobs on Job Search Engines, you can use the relevant job titles to find targeted jobs.

Download my favorite list of Job Search Engine sites. Browse and apply for 5-10 jobs on a daily basis. Also, make sure you use the Filter option to find career suited jobs for your career.

Apply for jobs with Cover Letter. It helps you increase your job chances, and helps you look professional.

You can also create your account on the Job search Engine sites. After you create your account, you can upload your CV and make a professional profile. Also, create Job Alerts to get job emails in the Inbox.

10. Blogging

Blog refers to site regularly updated with relevant content. You can design your blog, update content, build authority, and attract the potential clients.

Blogging helps you keep attracting and satisfying the Prospective clients by writing valuable content.

Making a professional blog and updating with valuable content help you land Writing Gigs on a regular basis.

Blogging is unique because it helps you stop searching for clients. It also enables you to build your long-term Authority to get clients and make relationships with other Bloggers.

As a Blogger, you can connect with other Bloggers, to avail Guest Post opportunities on other Blogs, and secure more Writing clients fast.

To proceed, focus on creating valuable content on a regular basis, say once in a week.

After you create your Blog, make sure you create the necessary pages, such as About, Services, Testimonials, and Contact; along with a Hire Me button that helps you get clients on your Blog.

Also, target your audience by marketing your Blog content. Write Guest Posts on other Blogs, and keep marketing your content on a regular basis.


The point of impact is focusing on specific Job Hunting ways that work for you. Cold Pitching is the fastest way to get Writing clients. In Cold Pitching, you can close deals fast by communicating with decision makers such as CEO, Content Manager, and Marketing Manager.

As a Beginner, you can use the Job Boards and Social Media to find Writing Gigs.

Use Search Engines such as Google, and Job Search Engines like Indeed and Career Jet to browse job sites, and find Career Level Jobs fast.

Once you build your Foundation as a Writer, you can create a Blog to find Writing Jobs on a regular basis.

Blogging helps you land clients automatically because the value you put in the content speaks about your Professional Career, Authority, and the skills you can bring in the Client’s Businesses. As a serious Blogger, you can create more valuable content, contribute to other Blogs, and build your Blog Brand on the Internet.